HD7970 Archive

Lightning Strikes!

MSI HD 7970 Lightning graphics card has broken the world record 8 consecutive times! The top 5 winners of the MOA 2012 EMEA Qualifier have been announced and go to Worldwide Grand Finals! The amazing records of 3DMark11 & 3DMark03, written by MSI HD7970 ...Read More

Koolance GPU waterblock for HD7970

Another GPU block has been spotted. This time it is from Koolance. It is a full cover block utilising a microfin design made from solid copper with anti-corrosive nickel plating. Do note that this block only works for reference PCB cards and may not fit ...Read More

ASUS Radeon HD7970

The AMD Radeon HD7970 from ASUS has been announced in their press release today. The AMD Radeon HD7970 is the most powerful single graphics card known to date. It is fabricated using the 28nm GPU frabrication process to give the best performance and low ...Read More