Review: ROG Matrix HD7970 Platinum

ASUS announced the release of their top of the line Matrix HD7970 Platinum graphic card recently. The new Matrix HD7970 is the latest in their Matrix lineup which features the VGA Hotwire, VRM Overclocking tool, DIGI+ VRM with 20 phase Super Alloy Power and of course DirectCU II Cooling. This card is redesigned by ASUS based on the AMD Radeon HD7970 GHz Edition to deliver maximum performance, cooling and overclockability. Something that should make hardware and gaming enthusiasts excited about. In this review, that is exactly what APES Lab will do. We will see why this card is worthy of the ROG name and why it is so special.


Picture Gallery

The box is absolutely massive for a graphics card. At first I thought we received a motherboard sample. To my surprise it was the ASUS ROG Matrix 7970 Platinum.

The back of the box completely showing the specifications of this awesome graphics card.

Overall look of the box, looking very exclusive.

Inside the box, contained another two boxes. In one box is the Matrix HD7970 itself, completely secured. The other box is all the accessories.

The GPU is tightly secured with foams. Minimizing impact during transport.

The accessories bundled inside the box.


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