MSI No.1 in 3DMark11 with the combination of Z77 MPower and R7970 Lightning

In the highly competitive world of extreme performance, MSI has once again grabbed the reigns with its Z77 MPower Mainboard and R7970 Lightning Graphics Card. Inspired by the availability of the MSI Z77 MPOWER several professional OverClockers have started challenging the top scores in 3DMark 11. With the synergy of the MSI Z77 MPower mainboard and MSI Lightning series graphics cards, some incredible new scores have been set including the first single graphics card system to break 18000 marks in the 3DMark 11 Performance benchmark by Ukrain’s OverClocker, T0lsty.

Z77 MPower baseline for Performance
Contrary to popular believe, MSI mainboards are actually most represented with professional CverClockers in benchmarks where the highest efficiency is demanded from the platform. The MSI Z77 MPower is the result of feedback from OverClockers over the past few years which now translates itself as the go-to mainboard. The latest World Record by T0lsty has recorded highest CPU clock speed in regards to 3rd generation Intel Core CPU in 3DMark 11 @ 6.2GHz

Lightning, the unprecedented Leadership
MSI’s Lightning series Graphics Cards are built with the purpose of amazing performance, with great components and OverClockers’ desired features. This is best demonstrated by the fact that almost every single OverClocker favours MSI Lightning graphics card for their record breaking attempt. As a fact: 90% of the 20 highest scores in the single card 3DMark 11 Performance rankings are set with the mentioned MSI Lightning graphics card. T0lsty’s R7970 Lightning was able to reach a core speed of 1760 MHz and 8GHz memory frequency.

World Record: HWBot Submission
Top-20: HWBot Database

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