Review: NZXT H440 Mid Tower Chassis

NZXT is a leading brand in ATX tower chassis market. Their earlier Phantom case hits the market 4 years ago and it got 41 awards from major review sites all around the world. This review will cover NZXT H440 mid tower chassis, ‘H’ stands for Hush which mean silent. Early 2014 NZXT just announced the NZXT H440 in white/black and red/black two choice of colors. There are a few special edition released afterwards with blue/black, green/black, orange/black choice available.

Product Link:
NZXT H440 White/Black & Red/Black SRP: RM 399
NZXT H440 Special Edition SRP: RM 419


H440 box front

H440 Box behind
A very good looking packaging of the chassis. Our review unit is Red/Black in color. Special thanks to alienshepardlee for borrowing the chassis for review purpose.

First look of the chassis!

Front view
The front view of the chassis. Very clean and simple looking.

right hand side

Right hand side of the chassis.

Power/Reset button
Power and reset button. They make it a very simple and classy design.

Front I/O panel
The front I/O panel comes in 2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, audio and mic jack.

top intake holes
There’s a ventilation holes for top panel.

Rear view
Rear view of the chassis.

rear I/O lighting
There’s 2 LED installed at the rear I/O panel. You will be able the connect your monitor, LAN cables, mouse keyboard even in a dark surrounding!

adjustable rear fan height
The rear fan mount is adjustable so that you can avoid clashing with top radiator.

tube hole gourmet
2 tube holes with rubber gourmet to expand the water cooling compatibility.

Side panel screw
Both side panel screws are attached to the panel so that it won’t lost easily.

lost screw
Unfortunately we found that one of the side panel screw of this unit was lost. We contacted NZXT Malaysia and they agreed to replace another screw for it.

Bottom view of the chassis.

Removable dust filter
The PSU dust filter is removable. This makes the cleaning job much easier.

PSU hole
The installation of PSU is slightly different with other chassis due to the PSU shroud.

PSU bracket
You may need to attach the PSU to this bracket and slot it in.


After removing the side panel, inside looks so clean!

The side panel is so solid!

noise dampening foam side panel
Comes with noise dampening foam.

NZXT psu cover
This is the most unique feature of NZXT H440. The first ever chassis comes with a full cover PSU shroud!

NZXT PSU cover
The “NZXT” words on the PSU shroud will glow up after system turned on.

SSD bracket
The SSD or 2.5″ HDD mounting

Cable routing for PCIE
There’s a few holes on top of PSU shroud to route PCI-e power cables and SSD/HDD SATA power cables.

Rubber gourmet
Cable management rubber gourmet.

NZXT Design motherboard tray
NZXT Design motherboard tray.

Front I/O cables
Front I/O cables. All in black colors, just nice for tidy cable management.

rear fan
Rear fan included in the chassis. NZXT V2 FN140

front panel
Taken off the front panel and we see the capability of this chassis to install a 360 radiator in front.

magnet dust filter
The front intake dust filter mounted with magnet to ease the cleaning works.

front panel fan mount
3x NZXT V2 FN120 included in front panel as well.

top panel noise dampening
Even the top panel, front panel also attached with the noise dampening foam.

top fan mount
Top panel able to mount 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm fans.

Top panel
Top fan mount is slightly offset above to increase clearance between radiator and motherboard heatsink

noise dampening foam
Here’s the right side panel, same as the other panel the noise dampening foam covered the whole panel.

rear view
Come behind the motherboard tray. A large cut-out on motherboard makes the installation of CPU cooler much easier.

under PSU cover
Under the PSU shroud, there are plenty of space to hide all the cables.

Side intake
You can install up to 5 HDD here.

Front radiator compatibility
For water cooling enthusiast, you can even install a 60mm radiator with push/pull configuration if you are willing to sacrifice the HDD tray.

Solid HDD tray
The HDD tray is very solid compare to other chassis, but we doubt it will reduce the air flow to the HDD.

HDD rubber mount
There’s a rubber to reduce the vibration from the HDD.

attached screw
Even the HDD tray screws are attached together. Nice design by NZXT, no more screw lost!

Fan connector
Built in fan hub. Is more like a naked NZXT Grid (

LED controller
A small PCB to control the LED on PSU shroud and rear I/O panel.

Spacing for cable management
The spacing for cable routing is rather small compared to other mid tower, but we guess it’s reasonable since NZXT provided a PSU shroud to hide all your cables underneath.


accessories pack
As usual, the accessories pack attached at the HDD tray.

H440 Accessories
Screws, cable ties, product catalogue and NZXT sticker


In our thoughts, this chassis almost covered every single feature that a PC enthusiast needs. For air cooling users, it able to fit up to 7 fans and reduce the noise level to lowest with noise dampening foam, truly fulfilled the HUSH design. While for water cooling users, it can fits up to 2x 360mm radiators and 1x 120mm radiator, up to date there’s no mid tower in the market will be able to do that. However, this chassis doesn’t comes with 5.25″ which we don’t think it’s necessary for most of the enthusiast out there. NZXT H440 at a price tag of RM399 is a very good deal as it had all the features that everyone needs, modifications are no longer needed for this chassis. hopes that NZXT will duplicate the good features in NZXT H440 to the other series especially their flagship Phantom series.


  • Nice design PSU shroud
  • Silent in action
  • Good cable management
  • Solid material
  • Varies choice of colors
  • Built in fan hub
  • High price/feature ratio


  • No 5.25″ bay
  • Bad air flow for HDD


NZXT H440 Mid Tower Chassis received Editor Choice Award from

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