OCDrift.com, is a enthusiast community website and forum based in Malaysia. Since there is no “OverClocking-themed” community in Malaysia, a dynamic team of Hardware Fanatics started breakthelimit.net and eventually renamed to OCDrift.com. The main aim of OCDrift.com is to grow and nurture Malaysia‘s OverClocking scene to a higher level.

Name: Hilmi Baharinhilmiangah
Nickname: hilmiangah
Title: OCDrift.com Representative
Division: Administration
Contact: hilmiangah [at] ocdrift.com

Name: Mohammad AzmilAbout
Nickname: d4b3nG
Title: Site Administrator
Division: Administration
Contact: d4b3nG [at] ocdrift.com

Name: Kevin Owiowikh84
Nickname: owikh84
Title: Senior Editor
Division: Administration
Contact: owikh84 [at] ocdrift.com

Name: Muhammad Aqmal Ahmad ZakiAbout
Nickname: kuntawakaw
Title: Master Mentor
Division: Training & Guide
Contact: kuntawakaw [at] ocdrift.com

Name: Lim Rern JernAbout
Nickname: dafreak
Title: Editor
Division: Editorial
Contact: dafreak [at] ocdrift.com

Name: Nur Muhammad Zaninishah93
Nickname: shah93
Title: Writer, Reviewer
Division: Editorial, Hardware
Contact: shah93 [at] ocdrift.com

Name: Chua Teck Liangteckliang
Nickname: unequalteck
Title: Chassis & Peripheral Guru
Division: Writer, Reviewer
Contact: unequalteck [at] ocdrift.com

Name: Ahmad Fadhlullah SuhaimiAbout
Nickname: lengchai86
Title: Memory Guru
Division: Hardware, OverClocking
Contact: lengchai86 [at] ocdrift.com


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