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MSI Reveals Clutch GM70 & GM60 GAMING Mice 0

MSI is proud to present two brand new additions to its Gaming Gear lineup. With a strong focus on ergonomic design, the Clutch GM70 and Clutch GM60 offer two different pairs of side grips and an extra top cover to allow gamers to find their most comfortable fit. This

BIOSTAR Shows Off Latest and Greatest Products in a Successful COMPUTEX 2017 Showcase 0

BIOSTAR has just come off a glorious COMPUTEX 2017 showcase, demonstrating once again its commitment to delivering innovative products for all its customers from gamers, enthusiasts, and industry partners. BIOSTAR’s COMPUTEX 2017 showcase was the best place to give people first-hand experience at what BIOSTAR has accomplished in the

Review: GAMDIAS Zeus P1 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse 0

Finding a decent gaming mouse can be a headache as there are so many brands and models in the market. Then, you have to pick between optical and laser sensors, dedicated programmable buttons, colour, design, and of course RGB illumination. Up until today, we at OCDrift have reviewed quite

Computex 2017: BIOSTAR Holds Successful Showcase at COMPUTEX 2017 0

BIOSTAR is highly pleased to announce the successul showcase of BIOSTAR’s X299 motherboard, the whole new RACING series, and crypto mining series motheroards at COMPUTEX 2017 along with their entire product lineup for consumers and industries. Gamers, businesses and enthusiasts were treated to a wide array of products that

Computex 2017: BenQ Releases New ZOWIE Keyboard and Printed Edition of G-SR Mousepad 0

BenQ releases the new ZOWIE CELERITAS II keyboard and a printed edition of ZOWIE G-SR mousepad, G-SR SE. Here at ZOWIE, we believe that an optimal and consistent keystroke is the most important feature of a keyboard. With that in mind, we have focused on every aspect involving the