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Cooler Master Storm Resonar is one of the new product in their CM Storm gaming series. They took the initiative to patented the bass FX technology to provide a better gaming experience. Bass FX will adjust the magnet accordingly so that users can get a better bass response. Let’s see how it works and how it performs during gaming.

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Small little packaging by Cooler Master. The printing quality of packaging is superb, looks premium.

All the features of Resonar as shown behind the packaging. Very detailed introduction of the earphones and accessories included.

Open up the packaging, we can see the contents inside through the window design.

The Resonar was well placed under the look through packaging.

Here’s what inside the package. A manual, warranty card, CM Storm carry case and of course the CM Storm Resonar itself.

Carry case with CM Storm logo. Easier to carry around without worrying the earphones tangling with keys, USB cable, etc.

Inside the carry case, there are 2 more pairs of different size ear buds.

Ear tips size play an important role especially for in-ear monitoring earphones. So Cooler Master provides varies of size to make sure users can find a suitable ear tips and maximize the performance.

Audio splitter cable provided as well. For desktop user, they might need to plug the AUX to separate audio and microphone or else the microphone might not work well.

Now we move to the earphones, it comes with a cable organizer strap which is a very rare features you can see on other gaming series earphones.

The 3.5mm AUX jack. Nice design in term of aesthetic with printed CM Storm logo.

The flat cable avoid irritating wire tangle when put it in bag or in the carry case.

This is the inline remote which allowed users to switch between phone call and gaming. This is a very convenient features when gamers need to answer a phone call during gaming.

Patented Bass FX technology by Cooler Master, by twisting the switch, users can turn the Bass FX on and off easily.

What’s interesting is the Bass FX toggle comes with a luminous sticker which will glow in the dark.

Mesh design covers to hold the 8mm speaker drivers.

Aluminum housing makes CM Storm Resonar looks very premium and classy. It provides better durability as well.


Music - Provides very warm and punchy bass especially when the Bass FX was turned on. However the mid and high is quite disappointing, mid is not really clear and detailed and the highs are kinda grainy.

Gaming - Stereo sound was superb during gaming. We tried it on Battlefield 4, the bass is punchy when the bullet was fired. Bass FX technology really does help a lot in improving the gaming experience for gamers. But unfortunately even with the ASUS Xonar Audio Center, we can’t feel the Virtual Surround effect with this 8mm drivers earphone. The microphone recording is clear and easily controlled with the inline mic and remote.

Movie - The high frequencies not performing well but vocal is still acceptable. Last but not least, by turning on the Bass FX technology the bass was awesome, very comfortable and punchy bass.


There are not much gaming in-ear monitor earphones in the market, but this is definitely a very good product. The bundled accessories are very useful for users. A suitable ear tips size can affect the quality of sound very much, so in order to maximize the performance of the earphones, users must pick a suitable and comfortable ear tips.

Performance: 5/5
Materials: 5/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 5/5
Performance/Price Value: 5/5

+ Bass FX techonology performs real good
+ Good noise isolation
+ Inline remote to ease the switching of device
+ Full with accessories

- Cable not long enough for desktop users
- Position of the inline remote is too near to the ear tips.

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