Review: AVF Mini Universal Power Bar

AVF Mini Universal Power Bar

Dual USB Ports with One Universal Power Socket


Almost every latest gadget, smartphone and even electronic cigarette products used USB Port for charging purposes. AVF realized the user demand regarding the convenient USB Port Charging, thus they are releasing their new products, AVF Mini Universal Power Bar. This is one of the essential products that must have in every home or even frequent travelers that looking for easy recharge and power up electronic devise conveniently and simultaneously. No more hassle of fighting for the USB Plug as user can charge up to 3 devices at the same time with the maximum power output of 2.1A and supported with circuit protection too. The device has come with 3 different colors to be chosen from Light Pink, Blue and Green. For today review, AVF sent us Pink color which is really cute and prone to girl preferences.

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Suggest Retail Price: RM49


• Plug and play
• Energy saving
• LED indicator
• Easy cable management
• Fast charge
• Circuit protection
• Compact & portable
• Charge up to 3 different devices at once


• Input: 110 - 220V
• Output: DC 5V/2.1A
• Rated Power: 750W
• Shell Material: PC Alloy (High flame retardant and excellent fire resistance)
• Socket Type: Universal
• Dimension: 5 x 3 x 15 cm (approx.)
• Cable Length: 1.5m


The packaging is pretty straight forward revealing the actual unit of the power bar. The package colour comes in 3 different colour which is pink, green and blue theme. So far I believe this is one of the cutest Powe Bar adapters on the market with soft plastic texture and good choice of colour.

The Power Bar is packed in clear transparent plastic which show’s full view of the unit itself. At the front use can see the information provided by the AVF with the introduction of the Mini Universal Power Bar

On the left side, AVF highlight 3 main features of the unit itself, which designed with compact & portable size. The USB Port support fast charging of up to 2.1A and the main universal socket is protected with circuit protection.

The back packaging as usually is where user can get full features and specification for the AVF Mini Universal Power Bar. AVF Highlight in the illustration image which this device is using UK Type of Power Plug which is vastly used in Malaysia Socket.

On the other side, AVF highlight another 3 features of the product itself. Both USB can deliver up to 2.1A of power output and the Universal Socket can deliver power up to 750W with energy saving features. The Warning sign writes “The product only suits low power products like smartphone, tablet, power bank, notebook and other compatible electronics. Do not use on over 750 high power products such as TV, Washing Machine, Refrigerator and Ect”

The packaging comes only with the Power Bar it without any instruction manual for the installation is pretty straight forward, Plug and Play.

As we mentioned before this power bar came with 2 USB Port which support simultaneously charging with 2 devices at the same time with the maximum output of 2.1A on each port. Blue LED will light up to indicate the power bar is ready to be used when powered up.

Beneath the USB Port is the Universal Power Socket which support all of the different country power socket.

The unit came with a cable management compartment which makes the unit small for portability. The cable is approximately 1.5meters long which should be long enough if you want to charge your devices even on the bed.

At the back of the unit, AVF state the model name which is AUTAM03 and the basic specification of the input, output and rated power supported by the Power Bar.

AVF makes the plug compatible with our country which using UK type of Plug. To release the plug, simply slide off the plug.

Since the unit is slim and design for portability, even the plug itself is shortened than usual. User must slide up the Earthing connector before able to plug in into the wall socket.


In this section we will share what we thought of this AVF Mini Universal Power Bar. We believe most of us have more than one electrical appliances and also smartphones for charging and powered up. This unit is convenient for the traveler which the unit is design with small and portable size. User can charge up to 2 devices simultaneously which support up to 2.1A for fast charging. The power bar also came with addition universal socket plug in case user wants to charge their portable gaming console like 3DS or PS Vita and even can connect and charge your laptop too. Worries free as AVF already makes the unit with circuit protection. One of the cons we notice with this unit is the full body is made out of plastic but AVF informed us the material used to make this unit is made out of fire retarded material to increase fire resistance. The Power Bar came with 1.5meter long cable and support clean cable management too. The unit came with 3 different colour of user preferences, pink, blue and green. With the pricetag of only RM49, We recommended for user that looking not only power adapter that support USB port but also come with universal power socket.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to AVF Malaysia for giving me a chance to review the AVF Mini Universal Power Bar

Performance: 4/5
Materials: 4/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 3/5
Performance/Price Value: 4/5

+ Plug and Play
+ Easy cable management
+ Fast charge up to 3 devices simultaneously
+ Circuit protection
+ Fire retarded material
+ Compact and portable size

- Body is made out of plastic
- Cable is slim and might breaks if pulled with too much forces

AVF Mini Universal Power Bar received Silver Award from

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