MSI Dota Tournament 2010 – Vote for your favourite team for a place in the Grand Final (Result)

On 27th September 2010, Mr. Liven Liew the Project Manager of MSI Dota Tournament 2010 announced a voting event for gamers & supporters to decide two favourite 1st-runner ups of each State Qualifier for a chance to play in the Grand Final. The voting event was done through Facebook and ended today at 11:59PM, 30th September 2010. And here goes the result of the voting pool.

  1. Team Excuse Gaming (Johor Bharu State): 729 votes
  2. Team Mage Pro (Penang State): 708 votes
  3. Team GnR (KL State): 560 votes
  4. Team NetSurf.DdZ (Johor Bahru State): 209 votes
  5. Team EXcel (Penang State): 183 votes
  6. Team ZeroHour (Melaka State): 136 votes
  7. Team Darwin Pro (Puchong State): 71 votes
  8. Team Giga.SmD (Klang State): 61 votes
  9. Team SP2 (Penang State): 53 votes
  10. Team TTT (Melaka State): 38 votes
  11. Team pHGp (Melaka State): 27 votes
  12. Team OmG (Johor Bahru State): 18 votes

MSI Dota Tournament 2010 organizers hereby officially announce that Team Excuse Gaming and Team Mage Pro qualified to the Grand Final on the 3rd October 2010 in Friendster i-Cafe, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. Let’s hope they will be at their best and do not disappoint the fans who voted. We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to fans and supporters for their effort. We hope that MSI Dota Tournament will be an on-going event in near future offering better prize pool and also expending its competition to a larger scale.