MSI at CeBIT 2013

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MSI, the world-leading manufacturer of Gaming motherboards, graphics-cards and All-in-Ones PCs storms CeBIT with a new line-up of Gaming products. Hardware enthusiasts and gamers will flock to MSI’s new Z77 GAMING motherboards with their new distinctive looks. To complement MSI’s new Gaming motherboards MSI will also display a new concept of graphics cards that match the striking looks of the new gaming motherboards. CeBIT 2013 will also be the first opportunity to touch MSI’s new AG2712, world’s first Gaming All-in-One. 2013 is an exciting year in the computer industry and MSI has reserved a spot in the driver’s seat, as can be seen on CeBIT 2013.

A new line of motherboards

CeBIT 2013 is the first unveiling of MSI’s new Gaming motherboards. A lineup created for and by gamers designed to offer exactly what gamers need without being limited to exorbitant price levels. MSI’s Gaming motherboards will range in features and price to suit every gamers’ need with better Audio features, the best Gaming network chip on the market and an all-out optimized third generation motherboard for the Intel 7 series chipset . Gamers can blindly trust MSI Gaming to offer the best Gaming networking chip with the latest Killer E2200 chip to accelerate and prioritize their gaming traffic. Visitors will also be able to get a first glimpse of MSI’s upcoming motherboards for Intel’s next-gen chipset. For high-end desktops MSI showcases its new X79A-GD45 Plus, popular MiniITX models, Thunderbolt equipped motherboards, AMD FM2 powerhouses and B75 business models.

A Touch of Gaming

After successfully integrating all parts of a full-worthy gaming desktop into a massive touch-screen display, MSI proudly shows the world’s first All-in-One PC for gaming enthusiasts at CeBIT: the MSI AG2712. The MSI AG2712 Gaming All-in-One PC is equipped with the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX670MX graphics card, one of the fastest, most advanced graphics cards at this moment. As more and more PC games available on app-stores and game shops are supporting movement gestures via touch, the MSI Gaming All-in-One PCs come with a multi-touch interface, even supporting 10-finger touch control. Accompanied by a 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, an impressive 27” anti-glare display with Full HD resolution and a top-notch audio solution by THX TruStudio Pro™, the MSI AG2712 will impress both casual and enthusiastic gamers with visual awe and a striking performance.

Now you’re Gaming with MSI

Also on display are a new class of MSI graphics card. Distinguishable by a new red color scheme on the cool Twin Frozr these graphics cards are designed to complete an all MSI gaming setup much like the record-holding Lightning graphics cards fit the Z77 MPOWER. These new graphics cards are the first addition to an MSI Gaming ecosystem, where gamers can mix and match MSI Gaming products for even better performance. You can also see MSI’s latest GeForce TITAN graphics card as well as MSI’s renowned line of record breaking Lightning graphics cards, the overclockers favorite pacing through the exclusive MSI Fire Strike Tech Demo in the new 3DMark.

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Visit MSI and see the exiting new range of gaming products at CeBIT 2013 in Hal 15, Stand F15.


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