Couldn’t play with the latest DotA Map v6.75b? Get your solution here.

Although the majority has moved on to Dota2 especially after craze of The Internationals 2, there some of us (me of course) who are actually still loyal fans to the original DotA. It remains to be our daily dose of entertainment. And of course we (me again) are still playing via Garena Client. Recently, IceFrog released a new DotA Map, v6.75 and as usual the “fix” map was released immediately, which is v6.75b. However, the usual source of DotA Map download, has uploaded a “bad” file, which is around 4.7MB rather than the usual 8MB in size. We thought that the administration of the said site would notice it overnight and address a solution immediately. However, it still remain the same. Here at would like to offer DotA fans out there the correct file download. If you are experiencing difficulties in creating/joining/hosting/playing DotA v6.75b, download the correct map/file via the link below. It should solve your frustration.

DotA v6.75b Download:

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