ASUS Master DIY Tour 2012 @ Penang

ASUS Malaysia has been really active in Year 2012 particularly in organizing events in the name of OverClocking and Tech. Try Google “ASUS-Malaysia-Overclock” and you would agree with me. That being said, ASUS Malaysia begun touring “all over” Peninsular Malaysia to gather PC Hardware Enthusiasts or better known as Power Users out from their caves and hideouts since September 2012 via a “program” named ASUS Master DIY Tour 2012. This is like a sacred mission of ASUS Malaysia or maybe the “event architect” himself, Juan Chong to get “connected” to local Power User and for now, only “God knows why.” On 22nd September 2012, ASUS Malaysia held the secound installation of ASUS Master DIY Tour at Penang, located at Redbox Gurney Plaza. The first being held in Kuala Lumpur while the last would be in Johor Bahru on the 20th of October, 2012. Here in Penang, there was as many as 40 Power Users gathered here and perhaps for the first time, they finally met each other. Sorry for being rude if i may add that Power Users (at least me) are usually “Otakus” camping in their room 24/7 apart of work/eat with their “light-saber” activated when the internet is down. Such “keyboard-warriors” (once again, at least me myself) speak in their very own “language” among themselves where “nornmal-punks” had difficulties understanding. Do you understand this sentence? “You sure 1.75v can do 7-7-7? But it’s PSC.”

The ASUS Master DIY Tour @ Penang was scheduled to start at 11AM. Minus the registration process and some “girly” chit chat among the participants, it was already close to noon. So before we even begun, Juan Chong announced, “Lunch First!” Thanks to ASUS Malaysia for being such an understanding company. Some Power Users “shed manly” tears upon hearing the announcement because there were some who came all the way from Kuala Lumpur. They were hungry after departing from home as early as 5AM. i’m pretty sure that “these” Power Users were praying deep down in their hard for this announcement to come first. OK, now proceed with the event content.

The event kicked-off with a presentation from Juan Chong or famously known as Sanko. A presentation that discussed about ASUS, Republic of Gamers (ROG), some marketing stuff and most importantly was the correct pronunciation of “ASUS.” Perhaps you man not notice that ASUS has a large customer base, and arguably ranked No.1 in the PC DIY segment (at least locally) having sold millions of product but many may not know the correct way to pronounce “ASUS.” Therefore, i took the liberty to help my beloved “friend” educating the masses. The correct pronunciation is ‘eySOOS.’ Watch the video below.

Well, the video above is taken from ASUS ROG Australia @ Youtube. It clearly shows that this pronunciation issue is global. Sad case for ASUS.

Lets proceed to the OverClocking Challenge which is part of the “secret” agenda of the event. OK, the message was clear, it was meant to EDUCATE or more towards “case” sharing with every attendees about what is OverClocking in OverClockers’ point of view. The total of 40 Power Users have been divided into 3 different groups and for each group one Sifu was assigned to help and guide the attendees throughout the session. For group A, Kelvin Chen, Malaysia #1 Enthusiast Ranking in led the pack. Group B was entrusted to ktek, a familiar face that started OverClocking since childbirth and for Group C was guided by owikh87 who has a nickname “God of Stability OC.”

Each group been given a benchmark testbed for the challenge prepared by Juan Chong. It’s equipped with both Windows 7 and Windows XP. If you know why XP was provided, then you are in league! If not, allow me to shed the light here. In many cases, XP excels in various benchmark and Juan Chong gave them the liberty to choose which OS to use for the benchmarks.

  • Intel® Core™ i7-3770K Processor cooled by Arctic Freezer i30
  • ASUS Maximus V Gene
  • ASUS GTX550-Ti DirectCU TOP
  • Mushkin 997084 DDR3 (2x4GB) 8GB PC3-19200 2400MHz 10-12-12-28 Redline Ridgeback
  • Mushkin Chronos 120GB SSD
  • Seasonic 80 Plus Platinum/Gold Modular PSU

Each groups was given 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete all the 3 benchmarks below.

  • Super Pi 32M
  • MemtweakIt (with HyperPi 8M stable)
  • Futuremark 3DMark11

Group A focused more on Memory OverClocking. Perhaps many may not know that Memory OC was Kelvin Chen specialty. According to him, it is one of the least expensive Hardware and can be used in almost all platforms. Therefore, Kelvin Chen’s group scored a whooping 61k score in MemTweakIt efficiency score. For group B, they spent a lot of time in finding highest possible CPU clock, so they perform very good in SuperPi. For group C, owikh84 was busy educating other attendees and show how exciting OverClocking can be. They performed good in every benchmarks and most importantly the main objective of the OverClocking Challenge was successfully delivered. Thanks to Kelvin Chen guidance, Group B obtained the highest overall score.

Lucky draw was conducted throughout the whole event randomly. The prizes were Rampage IV Gene, ASUS GTX560-Ti DirectCU II, Mushkin Chronos 120GB SSD and Mushkin 997084 DDR3 (2x4GB) 8GB PC3-14900 1866MHz 9-9-9-27 Redline Ridgeback.

Gimme a high5!!! with the air.. Thanks for the R4G though

Winner of ASUS GTX560-Ti DirectCU II

Mushin Chronos SSD was the last Lucky Draw prize to be given before the gathering ends. And Sanko, almost keep the prize for himself. Luckily someone reminded him.

The ROG Power User Gathering was really successful. Everyone was enjoying the day and getting know each other closer. As mentioned by Juan “Sanko” Chong in the very beginning, the main objective of the gathering was to bring up the DIY community. And we can see how successful the event was by looking at the after-event agenda.

After the event concluded, some of the participants stayed for a little longer to catch up with each other. (or maybe the food provided by ASUS Malaysia wasnt enough?)

Overall, the event was great, thanks to ASUS Malaysia, Mushkin and Seasonic for organizing it. I believe the feedback gathered was positive and i’m glad to be given the opportunity to be part of it. I hope with the initiation of Power User Gathering by ASUS Malaysia, we would be able to see more DIY Enthuasiats and Power Users in the future.


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