Snapshot - Team GIGA.SmD


Here is a simple ‘snapshot’ done with Team GIGA.SmD during the Selangor (INC) State Qualifier of MSI Dota Tournament. According to Team Captain Ong “Giga.SmD’Magic” Boon Choon, Team GIGA.SmD recently just grab a sponsor from Gigabite Cyber Cafe in Cheras, opposite Leisure Mall. 4 of the Team Member are still studying while only one is working. The team was formed not more than 3 months and currently the 5 team members who participate in MSI Dota Tournament 2010 is the permanent roster. The roster has a slight change where “bobolut” is replaced by Benny “Giga.SmD’Badboyz” Teoh due to work commitment. In the recently concluded Akicom Dota Tournament, Team SmD’s destroyed on of their opponent ‘fountain’ and it is largely being discuss in forums. Giga.SmD’Magic said, “We are not trying to make anyone shy. After breaking the fountain, we immediately move away without killing any heroes. We did not regret what we did as breaking the fountain is what Team Giga.SmD is trying to achieve.”

1. In the Akicom Dota Tournament, your tag was only SmD. Is Giga the Team new Sponsor?
Yes indeed. Team SmD is now sponsored by Gigabite Cyber Cafe which is located opposite Leisure Mall, Cheras. Under Gigabite Cyber Cafe wing, there are 2 teams and we are one of them.

2. Could you tell us the first ever DotA Hero you used and your DotA Idol?
Giga.SmD’H.Baby: Morphling, Mushi
Giga.SmD’BadBoyz: Bone Fletcher, ProMagic
Giga.SmD’Sushi: Tiny, Mushi
Giga.SmD’Magic: Gorgon, Mushi
Giga.SmD’HPZ: Tiny, ProMagic

Giga.SmD’Magic Shoutout: “StephyJing’s Witch Doctor very pro.”
Team Giga.SmD Shoutout: “HipHoPerz IMA”