Review: MSI GTX 980 GAMING 4G


One of the most remarkable features on the new GTX 980 GAMING 4G graphics card from MSI is no other than its cooling solution. MSI call it Twin Frozr V cooler. The cooler features aluminium fins which are held together by four copper heatpipes and a pair of 10 cm fans. The fans will be turned off when there’s no heavy load, keeping the graphics card silent during 2D events. Once heavy load activity takes place, the fan will start spinning but still bearable to ears. This is very similar to ASUS’s offering with the Strix series.

The Twin Frozr V cooler also features Torx Fan technology, which is MSI’s brand new fan design that keeps the graphics card as low as possible. Then we have the SuperSU Pipe which transfers heat from the GPU to the aluminium fins more efficiently. The heat will be dissipated into the environment with the help of the Torx fans. Hybrid Frozr technology provides smart cooling and silent operation.

To give you more performance, MSI include the Gaming App which allow to monitor, control and even overclock the graphics card. No worries as overclocking is covered by MSI’s warranty.



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