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WD Desktop Drive
1TB Blue SSD & 4TB Black HDD


A few months ago, Wastern Digital (WD) launched their new product line of WD Green, Blue and Black SSDs. The drives are available in both form factor of 2.5’’/7mm cased and M.2 2280 respectively but the Black Series comes in only M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe-based SSD technologies. With this new lineup, WD can offer end users with an ecosystem build having both storage drive and main drive from the company. Furthermore, WD also provides simpler solution of monitoring your drive’s health and status with free downloadable WD SSD Dashboard utility. Thanks to WD Malaysia, we manage to get the WD Blue 1TB SSD and WD Black 4TB HDD samples into our lab for experiment. How do these drives stack up against the competitions? Without further delay let’s check it out now.

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WD Blue 1TB SSD:
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Suggest Retail Price:
WD Blue 1TB SSD: RM 1,406
WD Black 4TB HDD: RM 1,006


WD Blue SSD Spec

WD Black HDD Spec


The idea of making the blue and white line that match with the actual drive design makes the front packaging looks catchy! If you noticed the rest of the sides are the reflection of the separation line. The bottom right shows the storage size and also 3-year warranty coverage for the product itself.


There’s nothing much on the back that is important apart from the technical specifications. If you looked closely on the middle right, WD is giving an ideal dual storage solution by having both SSD and HDD in one system. The hexagons with different colours indicate the different models available in the WD storage lineup and each model has its own purposes and applications.


The drive is well protected by an anti-static bag to reduce static electricity. There’s no any accessories provided apart from drive itself.


Look how simple the design on the drive itself! While the other SSD vendors just putting their logo which makes some users got confused with what is the actual model of the drive, WD makes an initiative by clearly stating the actual model of the SSD and the capacity of it.


Moving on to WD Black 4.0TB, the drive is also wrapped in an anti-static bag to prevent static electricity. Depending on where you are buying the drive from, in certain regions you will find that the HDD is shipping in a cardboard box just like the SSD that we have mentioned just now. For Malaysian market, the HDD will only come in an anti-static bag, rather than the cardboard box.


The thing that I love about WD Black is that they put reliability on top of everything. In this case, the WD Black is equipped with StableTrac Technology that stabilizes the disk drive for a longer lifespan. They also emphasized on the extra DRAM Cache that is responsible to increase the overall performance of the drive.


WD SSD Dashboard Software

Now user can monitor their SSD Drive health status by using the WD SSD Dashboard utility which is downloadable for free of charge right from Western Digital’s official website.

Right upon opening the software, you will be greeted with the main page of the dashboard that showcases the health status of the drive including current usage capacity, partition volumes, remaining life status, temperature, and interface speed.


On Performance section, user can check live status of transfer speed and usage. You can enable or disable the Windows TRIM function or create a schedule for automatic TRIM process at the desired frequency. This feature allows the operating system (OS) to free up unwanted space used by files that have been deleted.


 Tools section allows users to update the drive firmware, erase the drive, perform PSID revert, and use the S.M.A.R.T Diagnostics function. You can also access to advanced information including more details on the drive and the system.


 The Settings tab can be used to check the application update status and users can assign the utility to automatically launch on every Windows startup.



Three benchmark tests were conducted, which come in the form of Anvil Pro, ATTO Disk Benchmark and Crystal Disk Benchmark. These software are available to download for free right from their respective websites.

We did on real world performance by transferring large files to the drive and even WD Black lose with WD Blue on synthetic benchmark, the real world is far more important. For instance, the average transferring speed of WD Black is 200mb/s while WD Blue is struggling to maintain at 150mb/s.



Our experience with the WD Blue SSD and WD Black 4.0TB drives have been pleasurable. WD Blue SSD provides an ideal solution for better experience in the operating system (OS) while the WD Black provide optimum performance with increased reliability. Driven by a strong dual-core processor and 128mb-big cache, the the WD Black has really done its good job in delivering an excellent performance.

We truly fell in love on first sight with the WD Blue packaging and also the drive itself as it makes everyone to understand its function on first glance on the drive. We did notice that important information about the read and write speeds are missing from the WD Blue SSD packaging, which could potentially cause some buyers having difficulty to decide the right drive for them.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to WD Malaysia for giving me a chance to test and review both WD Blue 1TB and WD Black 4TB

Performance: 5/5
Materials: 4/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 4/5
Performance/Price Value: 4/5

+ Excellent performance
+ Comes with a user-friendly software for free of charge
+ 3-year warranty for SSD and 5 years for HDD
+ Simple yet informative packaging

– Software only supports SSD

WD Blue 1TB SSD & WD Black 4TB HDD Received Silver Award from

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