Review: RAIJINTEK ORCUS 240 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

In 2014, just one year after their establishment, RAIJINTEK entered the All-in-One (AIO) liquid cooling market with their TRITON AIO coolers. We have previously reviewed the TRITON 360 and TRITON 140 and were very impressed with the overall performance of the AIO coolers as well as the key features including the ability to expand in the future.

Today we will be looking at the latest addition in the AIO cooling solutions from the same company in the form of the ORCUS 240. The AIO cooler comes equipped with a 240 mm dual-design radiator with two RAIJINTEK IRIS 12 RGB PWM fans. The ORCUS 240 is also available as a CORE version without the fans, so that users can purchase the any fan separately to their liking.

The main advantage of the ORCUS 240 as compared to the previous TRITON series is that the pump being located on the tube rather than the usual CPU water block. Not only that this allows for more flexibility when installing the cooler on the CPU, it can also reduce vibration and strain on the motherboard and the CPU. The massive CPU water block features a transparent window with a built-in flow indicator inside to show the liquid flow and indicate the coolant level.

Enough of the introduction, let’s see how well the ORCUS 240 will be performing in a high performance PC powered by the delidded 6-core Intel Core i7-8700K desktop processor. Stay with us as we check out what the AIO cooler is capable of.

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Product Features

ORCUS, RAIJINTEK’s evolution All-In-One liquid cooling CPU cooler, designed in Germany and made in Taiwan. With several years of experience in liquid cooling products and cooperation with global engineers and manufactures, RAIJINTEK’s R&D team developed the concepts of most performing AIO CPU liquid cooler and spent years to design one of most user friendly and spot light product for enthusiasts.

  • Best performing, most user friendly and most spot light catch , an AIO liquid cooling system at market
  • All-In-One liquid CPU cooler with external PUMP, copper Water block and Rotating Blade with RGB light
  • New design and External Pump with high Q-max (66 L/H) and no vibration incurred on M/B and CPU
  • Durable and reliable PUMP Bearing type – Ceramic axis
  • Copper water block by micro channel, extra large contact fin area with multiple channels to provide best flow of liquid
  • Cooling fan system with 12025 RGB PWM fans, 8 port control hub and remote controller
  • 8port Control hub with switch of “M/B ; Remote” to provide most usage of RGB lighting control
  • Rotating Blade design with RGB LED inside tank to show water flow and indicates the coolant level
  • 2pcs performing 12025 PWM fans with RGB lighting
  • Specific 11 fan blade design and 8pcs Anti-vibration rubbers
  • Refillable and high capacity coolants pre-filled design
  • 240mm high density fin radiator with 12 channels
  • Solid mounting kits to provide sturdy installation
  • Mesh tube with low evaporation rate
  • Multiple mounting kits for modern sockets of INTEL & AMD CPU

ORCUS’s copper water block is a most advanced design of micro channels (0.1mm), extra large contact fin area with multiple channels for the best direct flow of liquid.

ORCUS has led the trend to designing a “Rotating Blade” with most popular RGB LED lighting inside tank, which able to show water flow and indicates the coolant level. More than rotating blade indicator, ORCUS is also designed to be refillable.

More than this, ORCUS’s Pump is placed externally which will not incur vibration and stress on M/B and CPU. ORCUS external Pump is designed for high Q-Max, low dBA, and contains a reliable Bearing type.

Not only a new design pump and water block are used, ORCUS’s radiator is also using high density design fin radiator.

Furthermore, ORCUS cooling fan system is with 12025 RGB PWM fans, 8port control hub, and remote controller. With switch function (M/B ; Remote) of controller Hub, either you can connect control hub to M/B RGB header (thus, all cooling system RGB lighting including M/B RGB will be controlled synchronously by M/B), or you can switch to “remote” of control hub if no RGB header on M/B, then all RGB lighting will be controlled by Remote controller.

ORCUS is not only one of the best performing All-In-One liquid cooling at the market but it is the most user friendly AIO cooler in the world by the pre-filled liquid, providing extra 100ml coolant for your convenience for refill, which brought to you for the joy of friendly design and the surprisingly efficient performance.




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