Review: Patriot Viper LED DDR4 3600MHz CL16 16GB (2x8GB) Dual-Channel White LED Memory Kit

Patriot is not a new brand especially in the memory manufacturing industry. Established in 1985 in San Francisco, Patriot has been one of brands of choice for the tech industry with a high commitment to quality and reliability. I personally started to be familiar with Patriot from their Viper II Sector 5 DDR3-2500 CL9-11-9-27, which took the crown as world’s fastest DDR3 memory for the Intel P55 LGA 1156 “Lynnfield” platform.

Fast forward to present, we now have the new Patriot Viper LED DDR4 series that offers the most competitive and aggressive specifications as it is the highest segment of Patriot’s overclocking memory product lines. As its name implies, the Viper LED series is available in two LED colour options: red and white. The red SKU is offered from DDR4-2400MHz all the way up to DDR4-3000MHz of memory frequency while the white SKU is available up to DDR4-3600MHz.

With us today is the white Patriot Viper LED memory kit that specifically carries a part number of PVLW416G360C6K. The memory kit contains two 8GB sticks, running at a memory frequency of DDR4-3600MHz in Dual-Channel with a memory timing of 16-18-18-36-2T and a voltage of just 1.35V. It was specially designed for gamers and overclockers who are craving for speed and performance. In addition, the memory kit is tested across and will be fully compatible with Intel’s 100/200/300 Series and AMD’s Ryzen 300 Series motherboards.

How does the Patriot Viper LED DDR4-3600MHz stack up against the G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3200 and will the faster RAM speed give benefit to the Coffee Lake build? Let’s check it out now.

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Suggested Retail Price: $235 USD (Update 8/3/18: RM 1,149 inclusive of GST)


The Patriot Viper LED memory kit that we received comes with a part number of PVLW416G360C6K and comprises of two 8GB sticks, which give us a total capacity of 16GB. With the XMP profile, the memory runs at a memory frequency of DDR4-3600MHz and timings of 16-18-18-36 at 2T command rate. It requires a voltage of 1.35v to operate. JEDEC’s SPD specifications at DDR4-2133MHz 15-15-15-36-2T is what you will get when first time booting up your system with the memory modules without the XMP profile. Your valuable investment is backed by Patriot’s limited lifetime warranty.


Did I hear someone said a memory review without a screenshot of Thaiphoon Burner is a bad review? We got it covered here, but for some reason the software has decided to not reading the memory modules correctly. Only certain details of the memory are reported correctly, these include the manufacturer, country of origin, die density, JEDEC SPD and XMP specifications. From here, we also cannot confirm the type of memory ICs being used in this memory kit therefore a physical inspection under the hood is compulsory to identify the chips inside.


Product Features

Patriot Viper LED series memory modules are designed with true performance in mind. Built and tested for the latest platforms, the Viper LED series not only provides the best performance and stability, but also adds some flare for the most demanding gaming PC environments.

The design concept of the LED series’ heatshield is to highlight Viper and its line of professional high speed gaming. This high quality aluminum heatshield also offers superior heat dissipation to ensure rock solid performance even when using the most taxing applications.​

Our Viper LED series offers the most competitive and aggressive specifications as it is the highest segment of Patriot OC DRAM product lines. The Viper LED series are available in either red or white LED color.



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