Review: KWorld S25 Elite Mobile Gaming Earphones

Review: KWorld S25 Elite Mobile Gaming Earphones

There are three main types of headphones on the market, which are over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear (earphones). Over-ear headphones feature ear cups which cover the entire ears. On-ear headphones feature ear cups which rest directly on the ears while earphones are designed to fit inside the ear canal. With us today are the KWorld S25 Elite Mobile Gaming Earphones, which are obviously designed to cater for mobile gaming needs as well as music listening.

Before we begin talking about the earphones, let’s start with a little introduction about KWorld. KWorld might not be a well-known brand to some of us, but in the past we’ve seen quite a number of KWorld products such as TV tuner cards and boxes in the local market. Established in 1999, the Taiwan-based technology company also specializes in video/audio capture/editing cards and boxes.

How well do these gaming-oriented earphones perform against the regular earphones available on the market? Read on to find out.

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Review: KWorld S25 Elite Mobile Gaming Earphones


Product Features

KWorld KW-S25 In-Ear Elite Mobile Gaming Earphones Stereo Silicone Earbuds with In-line intelligent Control Microphone with volume adjustment and call answering function , Designed for gaming and music listening, Unique patented dual-air chambers structure, 9mm Driver Unit , Sensitivity: 98 ±3 dB/mW , 1.2 metre Braided anti-tangle cable , 4 Pin 3.5mm , Gold-plated connector transmits sound without distortion , Adjustable sound effect via interchangeable front caps, Easy to organize with unique silicone cable tie.

  • Unique patented dual-air chambers earphone
  • Designed for mobile gaming and music listening
  • Adjustable sound effect via interchangeable front caps
  • Intelligent control with volume adjustment and call answering function
  • Gold-plated connector transmits sound without distortion
  • Braided anti-tangle cable
  • Silicone Earbuds (L,M,S)
  • Easy to organize with unique silicone cable tie



The KWorld S25 Elite Mobile Gaming Earphones arrives in a small and compact cardboard box with the front contains a transparent window allowing users to have a glimpse at the earphones before deciding to purchase them. You can see the product name on the top portion, followed by a tagline of “Stunning sound for your Game Play” to indicate that the earphones are well designed to deliver immersive audio quality during gaming. KWorld also emphasizes that the earphones feature an ultra-bass quality and they also included extra silicone earbuds in different sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) to fit your ear canal. Down there you can also see key features of the earphones as well as its compatibility with various devices including Apple products, mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. The orange section contains KWorld’s logo alongside two badges of Multi Scenes System and Dual Chamber System.


Flipping over to the backside of the box, again you can find key features of the earphones, technical specifications, and the package content. On the middle you can see a diagram of the earphones with each component clearly labelled. On the bottom portion, we have contact details of KWorld including their mailing address, telephone number, fax, website address, country of origin which is China, several logos of international safety and environmental standards, and a product barcode. Also spotted on the top left is a white sticker indicating the official KWorld distributor in Malaysia, which is Nation-Tech (M) Sdn. Bhd.


The side of the box contains nothing but a transparent window revealing the earphones inside in another angle. You can also see the product name alongside the “Stunning sound for your Game Play” tagline.


On the bottom of the packaging, you can see a white barcode sticker showing the model number of the earphones as well as the month of manufacturing, which turns out to be June 2016 for our review unit.


Removing the cover reveals the earphones alongside the accessories. They are well-secured in the transparent plastic blister pack with the extra silicone earbuds and front caps properly sealed in a small plastic bag.


As mentioned earlier, there are three sizes of silicone earbuds included to increase comfort for prolonged listening. Besides that, KWorld also includes a pair of additional front caps which are claimed to deliver a different sound effect compared to the pre-installed caps.


Let’s take a closer look at the earphones themselves. The KWorld S25 Elite Mobile Gaming Earphones feature a 4-pin 3.5mm audio jack that is gold-plated for silky-smooth sound transmission without any distortion that could possibly destroy listening experience.



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The earphones are made off high-quality aluminum alloy material and come in copper colour alongside rose gold front caps. KWorld has incorporated a unique patented dual-air chambers structure with a pair of bullet-like 9mm drivers, which offer a sensitivity level of up to 98 ±3 dB/mW.


The earphones also came equipped with a 1.2-meter braided cable to prevent twisted and tangled cabling. For cable management, there’s a unique silicone cable tie that can be used to tie up the cable when the earphones are not in use.


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On the cable we have an intelligent control with volume adjustment and call answering function. There’s also a switch for selecting the N (for Nokia devices) or I (for other devices including Android phones, Windows phones, BlackBerry and iOS). Not sure if it’s just me but I find the volume adjustment is a little too stiff to control and too smooth that it easily slipped away from my finger.

Let’s proceed to the performance results…



I am not an audiophile but I can tell you that I am very selective when it comes to sound quality. After using the KWorld S25 Elite Mobile Gaming Earphones for a couple of weeks, I found them to be an excellent pair of earphones that can produce some really great sounds. I wear these earphones mainly for mobile gaming and music listening.

When I first put them in my ear, I found the stock memory foam tips to be somewhat too smooth that the earphones easily fell off from my ear canals. Perhaps it could be that I have small ear canals. So I changed them with the smallest silicone earbuds which came in the package and fortunately these solved my problem. Now I feel much more comfortable and the earphones won’t fall off from their place.

The cable is long enough (1.2m) and it’s fully braided to prevent tangling and twisting. The silicone cable tie comes in handy for a neat cable management. The 3.5mm audio jack is solid and can be easily secured into my Galaxy S6 edge, laptop and PC. I also like the built-in volume adjuster for increasing/reducing the volume level on the fly.

In terms of sound quality, these earphones have a really amazing frequency response with nice lows and crisp highs. These were confirmed with the Ultimate Headphones Test from Compared to other cheap earphones, they sounded much louder with excellent noise cancelling feature.

I tested the bass quality by listening to songs like Bleeding Love from Leona Lewis and Night Bass by Sugarbaby6669. Although not the best out there, the bass enhancer did well and the bass is noticeably sounded better than the cheap earphones. I also found that swapping the spare front caps (rose gold) will actually reduce the bass, good for those who don’t want to break their ears with excessive bass. Last but not the least, the in-line microphone also sounded very clear and there’s an intelligent control to answer or hang up the calls.



Thoughts & Verdicts

After using the KWorld S25 Elite Mobile Gaming Earphones for a few weeks, we’ve come to a conclusion that they didn’t disappoint us. These are undoubtedly one of the best earphones that we’ve tested to date, producing great sound from mobile gaming to music listening.

I really like the bullet styling slapped with copper and rose gold colour scheme which is really eye catching. The braided cable saves a lot of my time in which it prevents the cable from being twisted or tangled. What’s more interesting is that the cable also comes with a silicone cable tie to keep the cable tidy when the earphones are not in use.

The built-in volume adjuster allows me to increase or reduce the volume on the fly whenever desired. While the stock foam tips can be a little too smooth and easily fall off from my ears, the bundled silicone earbuds answered my issue by providing extra comforts for prolonged listening.

Sound quality is phenomenal, these earphones sounded much louder with excellent noise cancelling compared to other cheap earphones. They have proven to be able to deliver an incredible frequency response with nice lows and highs. The bass enhancer did well and I could hear it sounded better than any cheap earphones. The in-line microphones sounded great as well, my friend was able to hear crystal-clear voice when answering my calls.

Overall, my listening experience with the earphones has been impressive. KWorld really knows how to make a good pair of earphones. Hence, we have no doubt to give them a Recommended Award.

Performance: 5/5
Materials: 4/5
Specifications: 5/5
Appearance: 5/5
Performance/Price Value: 5/5

+ Excellent sound quality
+ Sounded louder, excellent noise cancelling, better bass quality compared to cheap earphones
+ In-line microphone sounds very clear
+ Eye-catching bullet aesthetic
+ Plug-and-Play, no software is required
+ Gold-plated 3.5mm audio connector transmits sound without distortion
+ Braided cable for anti-tangle operation
+ Silicone cable tie comes in handy for cable management
+ Built-in volume adjustment switch
+ Additional silicone earbuds provide extra comfort for prolonged listening
+ Comes with extra front caps with bass reduction

– Volume adjustment switch is somewhat too smooth to slide
– Stock foam tips easily fall off, might be too fat for some of us with small ear canals
– Lacks documentation to explain usage instructions



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