In the past, installing a liquid cooling system could be a headache. Apart from being expensive and low stock availability, you also had to have experience working with pumps, water blocks, radiators, reservoirs, tubing, fittings and so on. Then, you might have to worry about coolant leaking all over your expensive hardware components due to improper installation. The fun could turn to a nightmare if something went wrong.

However, nowadays you can easily find a more affordable liquid cooling solution in the form of closed-loop or all-in-one (AIO) coolers. These AIO coolers are available in numerous sizes,designs, and manufactured by various vendors such as Cooler Master, Corsair, NZXT, EVGA, Fractal Design, RAIJINTEK, DEEPCOOL, and ID-COOLING, just to name a few.

In today’s review, we will be taking a closer look at the ID-COOLING DashFlow 240 that was officially announced in last February. For your information, DashFlow is not the latest series of AIO cooling solution that has been released by ID-COOLING. Just early this month, the company has also added the ChromaFlow Addressable RGB AIO cooler to the lineup.

The ID-COOLING DashFlow 240 is retailing in the local market at RM 429  RM 409, which is quite attractive for an AIO cooler with RGB illumination. How does the DashFlow 240 stack up against the recently tested RAIJINTEK OCRUS 240 AIO cooler that is priced slightly higher lower at RM 459 RM 389? Let’s find out now!

Product Link:

Suggested Retail Price (Updated 1/6/18): RM 429 inclusive of GST RM 409



Product Features

• Ever enhanced extreme cooling performance
• Synchronizes with motherboard RGB
• Amazing RGB lighting effect
• Premium sleeved tubing
• Metallic tubing connectors
• RGB visual effect AIO liquid cooler
• Designed for gaming & overclocking

To Build a Colourful System

Both the pump and fans have RGB lighting effect. You can easily connect to the motherboard RGB lighting header to get this water cooler synchronize with your system lighting.

Aimed for Performance Pump

With a pure copper plate and high water flow rate design, the pump can drive the heat away from the processor while keeping at a quiet operation. High-density aluminum fin dissipate heat efficiently

Premium Sleeved Tubing

To cover the rubber tubing with a sleeved nylon, you water cooler can keep great performance and maintain a more durable lifespan.

Universal Mounting

Compatible with all mainstream Intel & AMD sockets



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