Review: i-Rocks K76M Plus Fun Mechanical Keyboard

i-Rocks K76M Plus Fun
Changeable Cover with RGB MX Switches Mechanical Keyboard


When other competitor just making normal mechanical keyboard, i-Rocks improvise the idea and release a new K76M Plus Fun Edition in attempt to create mechanical keyboard which more than just a functional keyboard but able to modifies the top plate as wish. The top plate can be exchange to other custom design or by default of brick plate that support standard Lego size figures.

Product Link: i-Rocks K76M Plus Fun
Suggest Retail Price: 119USD

Features & Specification

• i-Rocks own design new generation mechanical switches reinterpret the typing experience.
• Elegant crystal housing with changeable skin to build brick plate (Lego compatible ) .
• Bring out unique creativity and geek fun make it really personally for yourself.
• Transparent dual-injection technology ensures keycap surface & character never worn out.
• N-Key rollover in full area.
• Various backlighting effects and easy user defined mode.

• Interface: USB ( Full Speed )
• Key number: 104 Keys ( By Language )
• Switch type : i-Rocks Mechanical Switch
• Key stroke: 4.0 mm to the bottom
• N-Key rollover
• LED Backlighting function
• Multimedia shortcut keys
• Cable Length:200cm
• Dimensions: 459 (L)158.5 (W)39.5(H) mm
• Weight : About 1.45 Kg


The front box is very colorful with multi-color RGB Backlit on the keyboard illustration. As you can see, the switch using by this keyboard is MX Cherry Red and also available in Brown and Blue Switch too.

There’s lots of useful information at the back like features, spec and also support software to setting up backlit and macro key.

To open up is pretty straight forward, just lift the box from the bottom part and it will reveal the keyboard which protected inside soft plastic to prevent scratch and the only that came with the keyboard is manual guide.

First time seeing full sized mechanical keyboard with Brick – Lego capable as the top plate. This model came with 2 color, black and white. The cable is 200mm length with standard USB Type-A Gold Plated. I can say the cable is very thick (about 3mm) compared to standard peripherals out there.

There are 4 rubber feet on each side at the bottom with 2 flip-up feet to increase the keyboard height. The middle sticker shows full model name and model number.

i-Rocks using low profile keycaps with dual injection to ensure key surface and character never worn out.

As I told you earlier. This model is using red mx cherry switches, the top tier of mechanical switch in history with 4.0mm keystroke.

All the Fn Function available on this keyboard is shown on the picture above. You can control all the led effect and all multimedia keys supported on this keyboard

Create your own creativity of Lego brick!



First thing I can say, this is the first mechanical keyboard I ever seen so far that came with Lego Brick surface on the top plate. Not only that, the plate can be remove and replace with any design of your own, bringing out unique creativity and geek fun make it really personally for yourself. With the Double injection keycaps and cherry mx switches, i-Rocks really did a great job on creating the K76M Mechanical keyboard. The only negative side I can see is the height of this keyboard is slightly higher than standard which requires arm rest, otherwise will lead to fatigue after long usage.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to i-Rocks for giving me a chance to play and review K76M Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard!

Performance: 4/5
Materials: 4/5
Specifications: 5/5
Appearance: 5/5
Performance/Price Value: 4/5

+ Cherry MX Switches
+ Transparent dual injection technology
+ Changeable led backlit on both software and onboard
+ N-Key rollover in full area
+ Build your own creativity

– Slightly higher height than normal keyboard
– LED Wave is not that smooth

i-Rocks K76M Plus Fun Changeable Cover with RGB MX Switches Mechanical Keyboard Received Gold Award from

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