Review: GAMDIAS Hebe M1 RGB Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Gaming headsets come in various sizes, shapes and designs, therefore finding a decent one can be a headache. In the marketplaces such as, you can find at least 50 models of gaming-grade headsets from well-known companies to less popular brands.

GAMDIAS sits in the middle of the chart with various offerings in the forms of the EROS series, Hephaestus series, and this year we have the new Hebe RGB series. Just in case you are not aware, there are two variants introduced for the Hebe RGB series, which are the E1 model based on the regular 3.5mm audio jack and the USB-connected M1 model that we are going to take a look in today’s review.

The Hebe M1 RGB is an over-ear gaming headset with 7.1 virtual surround technology for immersive 3D sound experience. As the name suggests, the headset comes with a striking RGB illumination and vibration effects to deliver the best gaming experience. Powered by oversized 50mm neodymium drivers, the headset offers crystal-clear audio and extra comfort with oversized ear cup design.

The GAMDIAS Hebe M1 RGB gaming headset is available in the market at $ 70 USD, but you can find it in the local market for RM 229. We checked out this headset to see what it has to offer. Read on to find out.

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Suggested Retail Price: RM 229




Product Features

The HEBE M1 RGB comes packed with features and latest tech. True RGB engineered to provide stunning illumination lighting and vibration effects. It also comes equipped with the latest 7.1 premium virtual surround sound technology to offer the most immersive 3D sound experience to ensure you hear all sounds with pinpoint accuracy for that all-important competitive edge.

Powered by oversized 50mm neodymium drivers, the HEBE M1 RGB Headset wraps relentless audio in comfort and style with oversized earcup design, the innovative design of the oversized earcups guarantee exceptional comfort and isolates noise.
The advanced unidirectional noise-cancelling microphone makes you loud and clear, and screens out extraneous noise from outside your game. It’s easy to flip the mic out of sight when not in use. HEBE M1 RGB headset is the ultimate synthesis of performance and comfort.


USB 50mm drivers are at the helm of the Hebe M1 and help to deliver some of the best sound quality on the market. No footstep, or boss audio que will go unnoticed with the Hebe M1


Turning low frequency bass tones into vibrations takes your immersion to the next level and lets you feel your game’s sound.


Hebe M1 boasts two extremely comfortable ear pads to allow long game sessions and no discomfort. Supporting the ear pads is a cushiony headband that works on a pulley system to allow for easy fitting by simply putting them on.


Experience your sound all around you with wonderful 7.1 surround sound. This is as realistic as sound can get.


Designed to cancel outside noises and last a lifetime, the Hebe M1 is supported by a pair of durable metal frames. The Hebe M1 is also beautifully designed with RGB streaming lighting effects. As well as braided, and encased wiring.


Extend, retract, and position any way you like with the intelligently designed voice cancelling mic. Manage all major settings with an easy button click of the inline remote control.




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