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Fnatic Gear Set
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Esport equipment by Fnatic, Fnatic Gear announce their product launching in Malaysia last week on 30th Jan 2016. They have Flick mouse, Cherry MX based Rush keyboard, Boost hard surface mouse pad and Focus cloth mat. “After 11 years of blood, sweat, and broken gear… we know what makes great Esports hardware. No flashy green lights will get you a Pentakill. No fan on a mouse will help you hit a headshot. Esports gear is about simplicity, comfort, and reliability – it’s exactly what you need to perform and nothing else. That’s why we launched Fnatic Gear, professional grade equipment designed by one of the world’s best esports teams”

Product Link:
Fnatic Flick Mouse
Fnatic Rush Keyboard
Fnatic Boost Hard Mat
Fnatic Focus Cloth Mat

Suggest Retail Price:
Fnatic Flick Mouse – RM 219
Fnatic Rush Keyboard – RM 529
Fnatic Boost Mousepad – RM 89 (L & XL)
Fnatic Focus Mousepad – RM 69 (L), RM 89 (XL), RM 109 (XXL)


We will make unboxing for each unit of the Fnatic Gear set. Fnatic pick white as the base colour for the packaging.

Fnatic Flick Gaming Mouse


Fnatic makes the front packaging with minimalist design. There’s illustration of the mouse in the middle, model name on the bottom and top left is the Fnatic gear logo.

On the back, Fnatic writes an introduction of Fnatic Flick with 6 highlighted features of this product.

The front side can be flipped open to reveal the actual unit of Flick optical gaming mouse. The left side show’s full specification for the Flick mouse.

The mouse is well protected inside plastic cover to prevent any damage from external.

Fnatic only provide a basic quick guide and the mouse itself inside the packaging.

Flick mouse is using gold plated USB to increase transmitting speed and the cord is 2m long braided.

The scroll wheel will light up with rainbow RGB color by default and can be further setting the lighting effect through the software. The round button is for changing DPI level.

Fnatic only put 2 fully customizable buttons which by defaults are backward and forward preset.

There’s only model name on the right side without any buttons or any rubberized surface.

The overall design of Fnatic Flick.

There’s 4 rubber feet to increase drag of the mouse and Fnatic Flick is built with Pixart 3310 optical sensors.

Fnatic Rush Gaming Keyboard


The front design of Fnatic Rush packaging. The top left as usual is the Fnatic Gear logo, bottom left is the model name and the sticker on the bottom right is the Cherry MX switch color used on this model. Rush also came with blue and red switches too.

At the back, Fnatic give a quick introduction of Rush keyboard and the highlighted features available on the keyboard.

Once open the main package, it reveals the actual unit inside. The Rush keyboard is wrapped inside transparent plastic to prevent any scratches and both left and right side is covered with soft foam to reduce external forces from damaging the unit.

All the accessories provided by Fnatic Gear:
+ Quick guide
+ Fnatic Rush Gaming Keyboard
+ Fnatic Rush wrist rest
+ Wrist rest clip

The clip is provided externally and need to be attached manually before can be combined with the keyboard.

The overall design of Fnatic Rush Gaming Keyboard with the wrist rest installed.

The overall design of Fnatic Rush Gaming Keyboard without the wrist rest installed.

The keyboard has 2 extra USB 2.0 port and can be used to connect by phone to charge, pendrive to connect directly or even the mouse itself. If you notice the cable wire on the keyboard is not removable.

Fnatic rush supports shortcut media button with the combination of Fn and assigned key.

User also can switch up to 5 different profiles on the fly by pressing Fn + F7 until F11

The brightness of lighting on Fnatic rush can be controlled by pressing Fn + Numpad 8 or Numpad 2.

As written on the front box. This model is equipped with high quality Cherry MX Brown switches for better gaming experience.

The keycap is laser printed with very high quality build and surface. The keypad does not leave any fingerprint or oil easily, thus it will be last longer from sticky issue.

At the back user can see the model name and serial number in the middle and they’re a total of 4 rubberized feet to keep stable the keyboard.

The case feet can be flipped open to increase the height of the keyboard.

Fnatic Focus Cloth Mat


The packaging of Fnatic Focus is packed inside a cylinder type of box. There’s a model name on the left side and the orange box on the left indicate the model size.

Turn it to the back, user can see the main features of the product and the technical specs on the bottom.

The cap can be open to reveal the actual unit inside the cylinder.

The overall design of Fnatic Focus. The mouse pad is made out of soft cloth woven surface and specially design to combine with pro-grade optical sensor like in the Fnatic Flick mouse.

Fnatic Focus is designed to increase accuracy while supports rapid movement at the same time.

The back rubberized surface helps to increase drag to prevent the mouse pad from slipped away and steady grip.

The thickness of Fnatic Focus is 3mm and only weight for about 227grams.

Fnatic Boost Hard Pad


The front design of Fnatic Boost. There’s a Fnatic gear logo on top left, Model name of bottom left and the Box with orange color indicate the size of the mouse mat.

In the back, use can check full features and specification of Fnatic Boost with simple introduction of the product by Fnatic.

The front box can be flipped up to reveal the actual unit of Fnatic Boost. There’s hastag by Fnatic of #ourtime on the top.

The overall design of Fnatic Boost. There’s a Fnatic Gear logo on the bottom left of the mouse mat.

Fnatic Boost is designed for nearly seamless tracking surface with extra speed for fast action gameplay.

The dotted rubberized bottom surface helps to increase grip without slipping the mousepad even during extreme gaming.

User Experience

One thing that we love about the keyboard is simplicity! From the build quality until the Cherry MX switch, we could say this is one of the best feeling mechanical keyboards. The switch is perfect, there is no stiff issue on any keycap and typing experience is very smooth. From my own experience, I could say this is 2nd best switches feeling keyboard available on the market. Fnatic already make shortcut for the media and even can change up to 5 different profiles. The LED brightness can be controlled and even can use with the software for advanced user to configure more complicated macro and features. The keyboard and wrist rest rubberized surface material is unique. It’s not the same with other brand which leaves quick residue and dirt over long usage and makes annoying sticky feeling. The cons we notice is that the software does not integrate with each other for both mouse and keyboard. The interface is different from both and might need to upgrade for more matured software.

Fnatics again, keep the mouse design very simple and straight forward. There’s only 2 configurable button on the left side which user can set for shortcut to use a knife or grenade in Battlefield game. The left and right design is symmetrical with each other. There’s a button below the scroll wheel which can be used to change DPI levels on the fly. The braided cable is uniquely elevated cord to reduce irritating drag when playing. With the software, use can set up to 3 different profiles and custom buttons, sensitivities and even LED colors which support RGB. Fnatic Flick is equipped with pixart 3310 optical sensors to deliver precise accuracy and control over the mouse.

The Fnatic Focus is uniquely textured to improve control for more precise gameplay and comfort even during long sessions of gaming. While the Fnatic Boost is made to for speed, it’s mainly create with a smoother surface for fast action gameplay without sacrifice the control for more precision gameplay. Both mouse pad is equipped with a non-slip rubberized backing to ensure a steady grip on any type of surface. We tested on plastic, glass and even no wood texture surface and yes! The rubberized did their job to hold down the mouse pad. Compared to the other hard mouse mat which made out of aluminum, which might be bent. Fnatic Boost can be used even for travel since the mat is flexible and does not bend.


When it comes to gaming, RGB is not the answer. Simplicity, comfort and reliability is the three main points which make gaming gear experience is great. The combination of Fnatic gear products makes one perfect gaming gear set. The Fnatic gear set is one of the recommended gaming peripherals as they are one of the great contender gaming peripherals maker. We hope to see the product available soon on the market with the competitive pricing.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Fnatic Gear Malaysia for giving me a chance to play and review the Fnatic Gear set.

Performance: 5/5
Materials: 5/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 5/5
Performance/Price Value: 4/5

+ Design for eSports
+ High standard grade quality build
+ Simplicity and minimalist design
+ Ergonomic Design
+ Keyboard and mouse surface hard to get sticky
+ Flexible hard mouse mat

– Software does not integrated with each other

Fnatic Gear Equipment received Gold Award from

Disclaimer: gives out our own award based on the Hardware Performance, OverClocking Ability, Innovation, and Value as determined by the reviewer



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