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First customizable RGB Mouse by Gaming Freak



AVF Gaming Freak released their latest flagship gaming mouse which is named as wild evolution. This gaming mouse come in two different colors which are red and black. The gaming mouse come with professional gaming-grade sensor (Avago A5050) that offer precise tracking when use it. Besides that, this mouse also has two buttons to quick and convenient DPI switch (Up and Down). Moreover, this mouse come with four different DPI from 800, 1600, 2400 and finally up to 3200 and the DPI speed can be differentiated by using the LED color which can be customized using the software provided. The mouse movement is smooth because of the big wearable Teflon foot. Furthermore, the mouse come with special glazing and charming lights to make it look more elegant. Want to know more detail about this mouse? Let’s get down into full details of the review.

Product Link: AVF Gaming Freak Wild Evolution
Retail Price: RM 89

Features & Specification

The wild evolution mouse size is 85mm (W), 125mm (D), and 45 (H) mm which make it look not too small or too big.

There are buttons to control DPI and forward/back, which make the process of changing DPI become easier. Different DPI speed will change the LED colour such as:
800 DPI – Purple
1600 DPI – Red
2400 DPI – Green
3200 DPI – Blue

The colour does not fix just like that. AVF offers RGB customizable on each of the DPI level profile.



In this section we will make an unboxing of Wild Evolution Survivor Taskforce Gaming Mouse. AVF Gaming freak makes the packaging design with flat black and silver to make it look more exclusive. At the top left of the box is where the Wild Evolution Logo is placed.

The four modes of the DPI are on the bottom of the box which come with four different colors according to the speed of the DPI.

At the side, users can refer to the mouse system compatibility, electronic parameters and mechanical configuration (button specification) which can help the user to more understand about the mouse.

At the back, users can refer what is special characteristics and features of the mouse and what make the mouse is different from other mouse.

On top of the box, just simple Wild Evolution Survivor Taskforce Optical Gaming Mouse logo.

Once unbox the package, the mouse still covered by transparent plastic with a box that holding the mouse to make it more secure.

After unboxing, this is the item in the box which are mouse, CD driver and manual guide. If the user doesn’t have a CD ROM, they can download the mouse driver manually from the AVF official website.

This picture shows the overall view of the Wild Evolution Survivor Taskforce gaming mouse. The shape of the mouse is really nice because it does not have any weird shape which can make user feel not comfortable when using it.

The mouse cable is fully braided with gold plated USB which make it does not tarnish. So yes, gold plated USB can help the cables to last a long time. Besides that, the cable also has a filter, magnetic ring to ensure data transfer.

The shortcut buttons are on the left side of the mouse which can help users to use it only by using their thumb. Besides that, the buttons are in chrome colour to make it look nicer.

This is the view from right side of the mouse which we can see there is no button at this side which make the mouse look more simple.

This is from the back view of the mouse. As we can see the AVF Gaming Freak logo is placed on this side and the logo makes the mouse look more beautiful.

From the upper view, the mouse look really nice with the simple shape. We can see the DPI control buttons more clear from this view. The user can increase and decrease their DPI by using that button.

This is the bottom view of the mouse which we can that Wild Evolution Survivor Taskforce is there. Model of the mouse also written at the bottom of the mouse.

The mouse comes with two different colour which are red and black. As we can see the colour combination is really beautiful for a gaming mouse because the colour are not too fancy.


In this section we will explain about the software for the mouse. The mouse can be customizing by using this software depend on the user desire. Besides that, the software has two different sections which are basic setting and advanced setting.

At the basic setting, users can set their key setting and it has two modes which are Mode A and Mode B. The user also can use this software to report the rate setting between 125, 250, 500 and 1000. Furthermore, user can set their DPI setting and DPI effect by using this software. The colour can be customized and the effect can be changed depending on the mode, parameter and effect. The mode can be changed to three modes which are standard, respiration and neon. The parameter is depending on the mode and the effect can be changed to RGB Flash or RGB Fixed On.

At the advanced setting user can change the mouse speed, scrolling speed, double click speed and macro settings. The mouse speed, scrolling speed and double click speed can be changed from 1 to 11 depend on the user. Besides that, at the macro setting user can select a macro, key press sequence and record option. User can set their macro name, loop times and insert a mouse event.


So this is the last part of the review, which is the conclusion. This gaming mouse is a really great mouse after we try to use when playing games. The programmable software really useful to the user because by using the software, user can custom the mouse depends on the desire. Besides that, the DPI control buttons really useful for the user to increase and decrease the DPI depends on the game that they are playing. For us the shape of this mouse is good because the size is suitable with common hand size, which make the user feel more comfortable. Besides that, the iron weight in the mouse makes it become more stable when the user controls it. The braided cable and gold plated USB can make sure the user that the mouse can last for a long time. With the price of RM 89, we could say that the mouse is really worth for your money.

Finally, we like to thank you AVF Gaming Freak Malaysia because give us the opportunity to play with superb products.

Performance: 4/5
Materials: 4/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 5/5
Performance/Price Value: 5/5

+ Programmable Software with RGB Features
+ Professional Gaming-grade Sensor
+ Stable Control
+ Smooth Moves

– Maybe not suitable for person with big hand
– Design too catchy

AVF Gaming Freak Wild Evolution Received Silver Award from

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