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AVF Gaming Freak The Hunters
Mid Tower PC Gaming Chassis



The Hunters by AVF Gaming Freak is a mid-tower case which is suitable for motherboards ATX/ mini ATX/ mini ITX. This casing can fit two HDD 3.5 (Hidden) and one SSD 2.5 (Hidden) which make it looks more organized. Besides that, other features that we can see from this case is a mesh design which can give better movement for airflow. This case also has a transparent window panel for better view of the PC hardware. Other features of the case? Stay with the rest of the review.

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Suggest Retail Price: RM99





Case Type:Mid Tower
Motherboards:ATX / Micro ATX / mini ITX
Chassis Dimension:410 x 180 x 410 mm
Structure Dimension:375 x 180 x 410 mm
Casing Weight:3.5 kg
HDD 3.5″ Capacity:2 [Hidden)
SSD 2.5″ Capacity:1 [Hidden)
Expansion Slots:7
I/O Ports:2 x USB3.0 + 2 x USB2.0 + HD Audio
Cooling Fan:Front: 1 x 12 cm Black Fan (Preinstalled)
Top: 1 x 12cm Black Fan
Rear: 1 x 8cm Black Fan (Preinstalled)

+ Cool Silence.
+ Easy Install.
+ LED Power.
+ Good Performance.
+ EMI Designed.
+ Super speed USB Ports.


In this section, we will make an unboxing of AVF Gaming Freak The hunters. The packaging of this casing is really compact and very light to carry. The box comes with black and red colour theme which make it look more elegant.
The front view of the box shows the logo of The Hunters. The S letter is replaced by the dragon logo, which make it looks nicer. But it can easily get confused with number 5 too.

From the side view of the box, we can see all the cool features of the box. There’s also a code that can scan by using smartphones.

On the other side, we can see another logo of The Hunter with the picture of the case. We also can see the trademark of this case which is “Mid Tower PC Gaming Chassis”.

From the other side view, we can see the list of all specifications of the case and the model of the case which is GFG-TH1. There’s also a barcode sticker for this model.

This is the front view of the case which we can see from here that the colour is black and mix with white colour logo.

From the upper view of the case, we can see that there are 4 USB ports which separate to two 2.0 USB and two 3.0 USB. Besides that, there also audio and mic port at the top of the case which can help the user to plug in the headphone or speaker at this post instead of the port at the back.

This is the side view of the case which we can see the mesh design for better air flow. So this can help to make the PC temperature become lower.

This is view from the left side of the case. We can see another mesh design on this side which meant the mesh design is on the both sides of the case.

This the right view of the case where we can see the side panel of the case. There is a clear window panel at this side which can make the view of the hardware inside the PC become better.

From the back of the case, we can see that the PSU of the PC will be placed on top of the case. Besides that, we also can see the 80mm fan from this view.

This is the right side of the case after we remove the side panel of the case. From this view we can see that the space for the case is quite big which can fit motherboards up to ATX size.


This case comes with non-led 80mm fan at the back and 120mm in the front. So the user no need to buy fan for the case, but if the user wants better performance for the PC temperature, they can upgrade for a better fan.

This is the view of all cables inside the PC and we can see that most of the cable is white colour. There’s also a blue cable for the 3.0 USB ports.


Now comes the final part of the review, which is the conclusion. The packaging for this case is really nice because they use black and red colour of the box instead of normal brown colour box. This can help the packaging look more exclusive compare to others. Furthermore, the case is really great because it can fit motherboards up to ATX size with affordable price. User also no need to buy another fan for the case because the case already come with two casing fans. Besides that, the mesh design of the case also really helps the airflow inside the case which make the case temperature become better. The case also can fit two HDD 3.5 and one SSD 2.5 which as shown before both of it is hidden. For me the window panel will look nicer if the size is bigger because users can see more item inside the PC if the window panel is bigger or 100% clear. All the cable also should be upgraded to the black cable so it will look much better and does not disturb the scheme. With the price of RM 99, we could say that the case is really worth for your money.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you to AVF Gaming Freak Malaysia because give us the opportunity to play with superb products.

Performance: 4/5
Materials: 5/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 4/5
Performance/Price Value: 5/5

+ Affordable price with preinstalled case fan
+ Can fit 3 units of both 2.5” and 3.5” hard drives
+ Support up to ATX motherboard
+ Have a transparent window side panel
+ Mesh design for better airflow

– The cable color does not good on sight

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