Review: AVF Gaming Freak GH-U11, FX Vibration Superbass Gaming Headset

AVF Gaming Freak GH-U11
FX Vibration Superbass Gaming Headset



AVF has recently released their new gaming headset, AVF Gaming Freak GH-U11. The U11 is a remarkably high performance gaming headset that is specifically designed to suit your gaming lifestyle. Explore and activate your sense with the new featured of the Superbass with Vibration effect and experience gaming like never before! The lighting effect have illuminated of 7 different colors on both left and right sides of headset with light switch to trigger the lighting. AVF also improves the wearing comfort without oppressive feeling. How’s it perform? Read through our review!

Product Link: AVF Gaming Headset GH-U11
Suggest Retail Price: RM169

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  • Realistic experiences with deep bass sound.
  • FUN and great for online OR Offline gaming.
  • Anti-interference USB Plug. PC compatible only.
  • Improve wearing comfort – without oppressive feeling.
  • COMFORTABLE and Suitable for long time of wearing.
  • Multi-Functional Control Switch.


Mic Dimensions: ∅ 6.0 x 2.7mm
Directivity: Omnidirectional
Mic Impedance: ≤ 2.2K Ω
Mic Sensitivity: -44±3db

Driver Diameter: ∅ 40mm
Impedance: 32 Ω
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity (S.P.L): 109±3dB

Cord’s Length: ± 2.2 meters
Connector: USB
Net Weight: ± 385g


In this section we will make an unboxing of AVF Gaming Freak U11. AVF design the packaging box with battlefield design to match up with the camouflage design on the headphone.

The front packaging reveals the 7 main features with the model name on the bottom left. At first we though the model as LI11 as the U words looks like LI.

At the back, use can access full specification for the headset and also quick introduction by AVF regarding the U11 gaming headset.

On the right side use can see more cool features that available on the AVF U11 Gaming Headset.

User can see through the actual product from the right side until half of the front side of the packaging. There’s also a QR Code on to bottom where use can scan by using smartphones to direct access to AVF Gaming Freak FB Page.

Once remove the headset from the box, it reveals the unit is attach inside the transparent hard plastic to absorb any external forces from damaging the unit itself.

AVF only provide the U11 Gaming headset inside the box without manual book. But since the headset is pretty straight forward and there’s no software needed to drive this gaming headset, user can plug and play easily without having any troubles.

AVF Gaming Freak U11 only support connection through USB Port. The USB is gold plated and there’s also a ferrite bead to provide the best performance for the headset.

The left side of the gaming headset. The mesh grill on the headset cup will be illuminated with 7 different colors when connect with the USB.

From the top, the switch is for the vibration effect, the middle wheel is for the volume control and the most bottom switch is for on/off lighting effect.

The right side of the headset is pretty much the same with the left side. There’s a large R to indicate this sideis for Right side so user won’t be easily confuse with the side.

There’s a hidden foldable microphone on the right side of the headset. User can also slightly bend over the microphone.

The headband is adjustable automatically to match with your head size. It’s also improve the comfort without depressive feeling compared to standard headband.

The breathable leather ear pad is made out of PU Leather. The side of ear cup is quite large and comfortable even after long usage.

Video of illuminated lighting effect of 7 different colour


The AVF Gaming Freak GH-U11 is a remarkably high performance gaming headset that is specifically designed to suit your gaming lifestyle. We first stress the headset for 1 week to mature the driver before the testing is done. At first impression, the sound produce is really great! Clarity and vocal can be clearly heard but if the music has too many instruments at the same time, the instrumental sound is quite interfered with each other. When test for the bass, we disable the FX Vibration effect and the bass can be felt but not that strong and punchy. But after we enable the FX Vibrator, the headset shakes our head easily! AVF truly did a great job this time for the new innovation of vibration effect on the headset. The vibration effect follows the music/game bass effect to stimulate realistic experiences with deep bass sound. AVF also improves the wearing comfort without oppressive feeling with the upgraded head rest design compared to their previous headset model. The ear cup is made out of PU Leather and design like over-the-ear size. Even after long usage the headset does not give much pressure to the ear. The cons we notice is that the headset does not come with 3.5’’ audio jack so there is no way to connect to smartphone without extra accessories. The illuminated led also sometimes stop working unless you shake it and we thought maybe it’s integrated with the vibration sensor. The vibration effect sometimes hurts the ear when the bass is too strong and sudden punch. With the price tag of RM169, we agreed this is one of the recommended gaming headset within the range of RM100-RM200.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to AVF Malaysia for giving me a chance to play and review the AVF Gaming Freak U11 Gaming headset.

Performance: 5/5
Materials: 4/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 4/5
Performance/Price Value: 5/5

+ Innovative Vibrate FX effect
+ Breathable PU leather ear pad
+ Comfortable adjustable headband
+ Combination of Super bass makes more realistic experience
+ Affordable price

– There no 3.5’’ audio jack to connect with smartphone
– Illuminated LED sometimes does not auto changing
– Vibration FX effect sometimes hurts the ear

AVF Gaming Freak U11 received Gold Award from

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