Review: AVF Gaming Freak AKB-GK3 Gaming Keyboard

AVF Gaming Freak AKB-GK3
Silentdeath Membrane Gaming Keyboard



AVF has announced a few months before about their new gaming keyboard products. This time we will test and review for the AVF AKB-GK3 Gaming Keyboard. There’s a few improvements compared to the GK2 which the body frame is now made out of metal and there’s a total of 7 different backlit while the rest of the features, it’s pretty much the same. The keycap is also removable for easy cleaning and designed with ergonomic, hi-low keycaps to improve efficiency to avoid fatigue. The keyboard of course, support shortcut key for multimedia and backlight function too. How does it look like in actual product and the feeling of using it? Stay tune with our review!

Product Link: AVF AKB-GK3 Gaming Keyboard
Suggest Retail Price: RM169

Specification & Features



It’s now the time for an unboxing!

AVF highlight 7 main features of the AVF AKB-GK3 Gaming Keyboard and also 19 keys of anti-ghosting.

In the back, user can check full specification and also all the features available on board.

Once flip open the box, it reveals the actual unit of the gaming keyboard.

The overall design of AVG AKB-GK3 Gaming Keyboard.

The keyboard support volume shortcut to increase, decrease and mute volume.

By holding Fn and ESC, user can change up to 7 different backlit colors. To change brightness level, user can use page up and page down key.

All the keycap can be removed for easy cleaning and accessing the membrane switch.

The backside of the AVF Gaming Freak AKB-GK3.

The side view of the AVF Gaming Freak AKB-GK3. AVF design the key with hi-low design to improve accuracy and reduce fatigue feelings.

As a standard grade for AVF Gaming Freak series, all their USB Powered models made out of gold plated USB Port and Ferrite bead to increase the transfer rate while reducing the interferences.

Blue LED lighting

Green LED lighting

Red LED lighting

Light Blue LED lighting

Yellow LED lighting.

Purple LED lighting

White LED lighting

Video showing the lighting effect of AVF AKB-GK3 Gaming Keyboard.


AVF AKB-GK3 Gaming Keyboard is a membrane base gaming keyboard which equipped with high and patented technology, premium quality build, multi-functioning command and design with unique deluxe aluminum. Each of the keycap is removable so user can assured easy cleaning in the future and using patented character-emitting technology and there’s a total of 19 anti-ghosting keys for smoother gaming experience. User can change up to 7 fully controllable brightness backlit LEDs and there’s also auto changing LEDs mode. The body is made out of metal panel, which increase the durability and premium feeling when touch it. When it comes to typing experience, we feel it almost like using mechanical keyboard and, to be exact, it’s like using brown switch. The key is soft and there’s no stiff feelings when on long usage. The only issue we found is that the warranty of the products only covered for 3 months. If and only AVF could offer longer warranty duration, we believe it could be competing with other products and not only stay as for entry gaming peripherals.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to AVF Malaysia for giving me a chance to play and review with the AVF AKB-GK3 Gaming Freak Keyboard.

Performance: 4/5
Materials: 5/5
Specifications: 5/5
Appearance: 5/5
Performance/Price Value: 4/5

+ 7 different backlit mode
+ Durable metal panel
+ Media and backlit shortcuts
+ Support anti ghosting keys
+ Removable keycaps
+ Feelings like using mechanical keyboard

– Warranty only for 3 months

AVF AKB-GK3 Gaming Keyboard received Gold Award from

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