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AVF DroidBoxHD A4K
Android 4.4 Ultra HD 4K Player

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The AVF DroidBoxHD media player is a lightweight media player that is able to handle its fair share of modern multimedia contents. With an ARM Cortex 1.2GHz processor, this media player is able to handle multitasking with great ease, while the Google Android 4.4 OS gives users greater performance in both functionality and graphic interface. It comes with memory of 512MB and 4GB NAND flash which allows to download loads of android application from Google Play store. Moreover, AVF DroidBoxHD supports FULL HD content playback in high resolution up to 1080p. While watching movies online wirelessly is what you’d like to do, this media player is definitely equipped for that.

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In this section we will make a quick unboxing of AVF DroidboxHD. The box is pretty solid with a hard card box with all the printed information and images.

The player support 4K Resolution and Running on Android version 4.4

At the back, user can refer full specification and also all the ports available on the player

On the bottom, AVF highlight the features of 4K x 2K HDMI Output that support Ultra HD Decode too.

At the top packaging, AVF highlight the player runs on android 4.4 (Kitkat), support with both build in WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0.

Once open the outer layer of the box, its reveal the second box which holds the actual unit. To open simply slide off the first box.

The player is kept inside the second box and covered with plastic to prevent any scratches

Underneath the player is where all the accessories and manual book is located.

All the accessories provided inside the box:
+ AVF DroidboxHD A4K Player
+ HDMI Cable
+ Power adapter
+ Remote Control
+ Manual Book

The player is made out of plastic and the surface is really smooth with clear mirror effect with the wording of AVF and 4K on the top.

At the bottom, user can see the model and power input from the player. There is 4 slot for wall mounting so user can choose which side to mount for easier cable arrangement.

From the left side, there’s:
+ Power button
+ USB 2.0
+ USB 2.0
+ AV Port
+ 5V DC Power Port

From the left side, there’s:
+ RJ45 Network port
+ HDMI Port
+ Optical Port
+ TF Slot
+ Mini USB Port

When the unit it powered up, there will be blue LED lights up to indicate the unit is working

Player Interface

Enough with the unboxing, let’s power up the unit and see their interface. As mentioned before, the AVF DroidBoxHD A4K is running on android version 4.4 under codename, Kitkat. User can use mouse and keyboard to navigate through the player interface.

The main menu of the player where user can select any menu.

The Online Video folder which user can open Netflix, Youtube and XBMC Apps.

User can set their favorite apps in My Recommend folder. Each folder can be further add the apps by simply click the Add + Button.

All user installed apps are located in the My Apps Folder

In Music folder, user can play music file and also create playlist. The apps not only will auto detect all the music stored in your external harddisc/pendrive/memory card but also on internal memory card.

The Local folder will detect all your portable pendrive and harddisc which you can further access all the folder inside your hard drive.

In Setting section, user can choose either to connect the player with local wireless or using LAN cable for more stable and faster internet connection.

User can set up Display setting in this section and the HDMI output mode setting will auto detect your current display configuration.

In advanced section, user can connect the player with miracast for wireless remote control and other settings.

The Other section will display the model number, android version and Build number together with Kernel Version. User can click System Update once AVF release newer version TO update to the latest update.

If user click More Setting from previous tab, user can access more advanced setting like an android interface.

The player also can be dragged from the top to reveal the quick setting for the Wifi, Bluetooth and access advances setting.

One of the recommended setup where user can connect the AVF Media Player for the walk in customer to try the Projector and also attract visitor to try the player too.


Now it comes to end section of today review. AVF had produce quiet a few of media player, and one of them is AVF DroidboxHD, A4K. The player is really useful for user that wanted to watch movie or 4K Video with their family living room. Apart from that, we found one of the local shop in Kelantan, Monaliza Mastura, which they use the player as a platform to play movie and experience corner for both the player itself and projector. It supports lots of video format and since it runs on Android OS, users can download any apps from the Google Play. It comes with a useful port which support external drives and even Keyboard or mouse. AVF DroidboxHD comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and wifi build in to stream video wirelessly and save up USB space for your keyboard or mouse. The only cons we found is the player is quite light with the plastic feeling thus in doubt in their durability within external forces.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to AVF Malaysia for giving me a chance to play and review the AVF DroidboxHD A4K Media Player.

Performance: 4/5
Materials: 3/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 4/5
Performance/Price Value: 4/5

+ Easy to carry (Portable)
+ Comes with useful ports (USB, Memory card and ect)
+ Light weight
+ Support 4K Ultra HD
+ Build in Bluetooth and Wifi
+ Support Keyboard and Mouse
+ Android OS

– Slightly Pricey
– Plastic material

AVF DroidboxHD A4K received Gold Award from

Disclaimer: gives out our own award based on the Hardware Performance, OverClocking Ability, Innovation, and Value as determined by the reviewer



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