Review: AVF 10 Port USB Power Adapter

AVF 10 Port USB Power Adapter
Support up to 10 USB Port



AVF has announce and release their new USB Power Adapter. This time they created USB Adapter that support up to 10 devices charging at the same time. Now you can recharge and power up your electronic devices conveniently and simultaneously with this unit. This 10 USB Power Adapter supply a strong charging function for all of your digital products and gadgets, it can charge up to 10 gadgets at the same time. So, how it performs? Does it maintain full speed even when charge up 10 gadgets at the same time? Stay tune with our review.

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Suggest Retail Price: RM79


  • 10 USB Power Adapter supply a strong charging function for digital products, it can charge up to TEN gadgets at the same time.
  • Convenient and strong universal adaptability, instantly become a variety of home appliances & digital products.
  • Fit for worldwide AC voltages and frequencies.


  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Input Current: 0.3A (Max.)
  • Multi-Output Voltage: 5V 0-2.1A x 2, 5V 0-1.6A x 1, 5V 0-0.5A x 7
  • Total Output: 40W (Max.)
  • Dimension: 240 x 48 x 32mm (approx.)
  • Cable Length: 1.6m (5ft)


We will make a quick unboxing for the AVF 10 Port USB Power Adapter. The packaging is made out of paper and to remove the cover, simply slide to reveal the second box where the unit in lay inside.

AVF highlight 5 main features of this products which support 3 different charging rates of 2.1A, 1.6A and 0.5A together with energy saving and circuit protection on the unit.

At the top, AVF shows suggested suitable portable unit that supports the power adapter. There’s also AVF Facebook Page link and together with the QR Code for direct access through smartphones.

Turn the box around, user can find the full specification and caution instruction for this unit. There’s also illustration image on the highlighted part of the unit itself. If you notice on the top right, AVF shows this unit used UK Main plug type which is vastly used in our country.

At the bottom, user can get featured for the AVF 10 USB Power Adapter.

Once slide the main cover, there’s a 2nd box which holds the actual unit inside.

Simply open the packaging and it’s revealed the AVF 10 USB Port Power Adapter. The packaging is straight forward without any foam or plastic to cover the unit.

There’s no manual pamphlet and only the unit itself is provided from the original packaging. AVF is using UK Power Plug type and the cable length is 1.6Meter long which should be pretty long.

There’s on/off switch on the top left. The switch will turn on with red LED which indicate the unit is powered up and ready to be used. As user can see, the unit support 10 Ports with 3 different amp. There’s 2 ports for 2.1A, 1 port for 1.6A and 7 ports for 0.5A.


At first, I always wonder when is the time we need to use all the 10 ports. After making a trip to DIY Seminar and stayed at the hotel with my friends, the hotel only has 1 Socket plug for charging. This is the part where we know this unit is helpful. With the help of AVF 10 USB Port Power adapter, all of our friends shared together charging up all of our smartphones and gadgets.We also bring the unit with us to the hall and charged up our devices there too. The only cons we found is that when we connect of 5 devices or more at the same time, the charging rate is slower compared to 2-3 unit charged at the same time. One more thing, some of our friends shared their opinion, which if the unit design is much more attractive, it will be much better. Even the price tag is quite cheap, you can get it just RM79 at your nearest shop. With that pricetag, its really useful and smart move for user that always travel or at home, which user can share with whole family that have lots of gadget and smartphones.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to AVF Malaysia for giving me one unit of AVF USB Power Adapter for testing and review.

Performance: 5/5
Materials: 4/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 3/5
Performance/Price Value: 5/5

+ Support up to 10 ports
+ Support circuit protection with energy saving features
+ Easy to carry
+ Hassle free
+ Cheap!

– The design is not so attractive
– When charge 5 unit or more, the charging speed decrease

AVF 10 Port USB Power Adapter received Silver Award from

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