Review: AVEXIR Core Series DDR4-2400MHz CL16 2x4GB Memory Kit



The AVEXIR Core Series DDR4 memory kit is well packaged in a transparent plastic blister pack with grey and blue coloured background, exposing the memory modules inside. You see nothing at the background but an AVEXIR logo on the top left.



Flipping over to the other side of the packaging, you can see some introductory descriptions of the AVEXIR Core Series DDR4 followed by key features of the memory modules. To the right we have the total capacity of memory kit, 8GB, which is formed by a pair of 4GB modules in Dual Channel configuration. You can also see two badges telling us that this product has won the Computex d&i Award 2013 and iF Product Design Award 2014. Moving downwards, we have three QR Codes and six badges indicating that the memory kit is backed by AVEXIR’s lifetime warranty, made in Taiwan, 100% burn-in test, worldwide service, 101% service, and worldwide warranty. On the bottom left, you can see AVEXIR’s contact details such as mailing address, telephone number, and email address. To the right, we have several badges indicating that the product complying to various international health and environmental standards.



Inside the plastic blister pack, you can see that the golden fingers are covered with translucent rubbery protectors which protect them from electrostatic discharge that could potentially damage the memory modules. You will immediately notice the low-profile aluminum heat-spreaders in black colour covering almost full length of the memory module with an AVEXIR logo on top of the it. There’s a brown-themed sticker on the middle written with “DDR4” in white and red colours. The PCB received a matte-black colour scheme which is easy for colour matching with other hardware parts inside your PC build.



On the other side of the memory module, we have a label sticker showing some details of the memory module, such as the capacity, speed, timings, voltage, part number, country of origin which is Taiwan, serial number and barcodes.


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Measuring just 40mm in height, the AVEXIR Core Series DDR4 should be able to fit well under large CPU coolers such as the Noctua NH-D15 that offers up to 64mm clearance in single fan mode.



Located on top of the heat-spreaders is an LED light bar that pulsates to give fantastic lighting effects when the computer is powered up. There are a total of six LED colours available to choose from – red, blue, yellow, white, green, and orange, but the memory module that we received comes with a white LED.



Conforms to the DDR4 standard, each module is made by 288 pins of gold contact fingers. Like any other DDR4 memory module, the AVEXIR Core Series DDR4 also features golden fingers in a slightly convex shape with a cut-out on the middle.



The ten-layer PCB not only offers maximum thermal conduction but it can also help in eliminating electromagnetic interferences and supporting higher memory frequencies.



The heat-spreaders are held to the memory chips by a layer of adhesive pad. As usual, hair dryer method is the easiest way to dismantle the heat-spreaders from the PCB. The memory module that we received features a single-sided PCB design which means only one side of the PCB has memory ICs on it while the other side doesn’t contain any chip. There are a total of eight 512MB memory chips per stick, each marked 512X8DDR4, totaling to a 4,096MB or 4GB of capacity per module. At this moment we are not able to confirm the actual manufacturer of the ICs, unfortunately.



Without wasting time, we put the AVEXIR Core DDR4 memory kit to the test and check out its LED lighting effects. The LED lighting worked flawlessly and has done its job in lighting up our testbed. The pulsating speed of the white LED is not too fast or too slow, everything’s done right as it should be.




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