Review: Audioengine HD3 Bookshelf Speaker

Audioengine HD3 Bookshelf Speaker
Machine for music


Last week Audioengine sending us a sample of HD3 bookshelf speaker. For your info, this small speaker is truly a beast! Packed up with build-in power amp, high-fidelity Bluetooth aptX Certified and also front audio jack that connected together with audiophile-quality headphone amplifier that delivers high-end sound. HD3 works with all your apps, music, and devices so no matter how you listen, HD3 has you covered.

Product Link: Audioengine HD3 Speaker
Suggest Retail Price:
Audioengine HD3 – RM2199
Audioengine Speaker Stand – RM148



The actual packaging comes with additional basic box to protect the actual box that shown above. Both back and front box having same picture of audioengine HD3 illustration images.

To open up the box already takes time but I truly love this kind of packaging as they offer you the best quality without making the box tear easily.

All the accessories originally are covered inside a pouch and transparent plastic. The speaker is located underneath the Styrofoam, also inside a pouch. Now that’s what we call, Premium!

Audiogine HD3 really have you covered on whatever kind of devices you’re using, from USB to Micro-USB connection, 2RCA Jack, 2.5” audio jack and also Bluetooth!

The left one is power adapter for the speaker and left is the cable connection for both speaker.

As I mentioned before, each of the speaker is well protected inside the pouch, not only that, audioengine still wrap it up inside soft wrapper to prevent any additional scratch on the unit.

The front foam grill is made out of magnetic, so just stick it on the front speaker and youre done!

The speaker is made out of high grade kevlar woofers and silk tweeters. The left controller knob is volume control and the right side is audio jack if you want to connect with your headphone. The most right is the button if you want to connect with Bluetooth devices.

Audioengine already label each of the port at the back so that you won’t having difficulties in assembling the speaker.

Another accessory which can be purchase separately is desktop speaker stands.

The stand helps you to directly aim the speaker to you. This accessory is worth RM148


This is truly the ultimate bookshelf type of speaker. With that small size of speaker, I never expect it pack with lots of features itself. Build in amplifier which not only for the speaker but also able with external headphone once you connect on the front audio jack. The Bluetooth features is awesome! Your device will automatically detect the speaker without needed to pair manually by holding the Bluetooth button whatsoever. Audioengine even provide additional Bluetooth antenna which I tested personally that my device still can play the music even from 30 feet! The sound produce is really crisp! Even cranking up the volume by half way, the speaker can light up whole hall without any issue. The only downfall I can notice is since the speaker is small. The downfall bass is not that high. It’s not enough room to punch great bass with that speaker size. Even that, audioengine makes the speaker support external subwoofer which can be purchase separately for those that looking for beasty bass! Currently audioengine making an offer of RM1889 with free pair of speaker stand while the normal pricetag is RM2199 for the speaker alone and additional RM148 for speaker stand. Now that is a great offer! Seriously guys, look for this speaker and test it out yourself. You will truly amaze that even a mini speaker of HD3, can truly spark a great sound!

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Audioengine Malaysia for giving me a chance to play and review the Audioengine HD3 Speaker.

Performance: 5/5
Materials: 4/5
Specifications: 4/5
Appearance: 5/5
Performance/Price Value: 4/5

+ Build in amplifiers for both speaker and external headphone
+ Support lots of different devices connectivity include Bluetooth
+ Able to connect with external subwoofer
+ Very crispy sound

– Bass not that punchy

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