ASUS ROG X79 Motherboard: Rampage IV Extreme Features Talk About

ASUS Rampage IV Extreme

Another masterpiece born from Shamino’s hands, this should be best motherboard cater for extreme overclockers up to date, why? Let’s go through of my 3 short pages write-up and you will know why and who are the target users with all features that come with this ROG.

VGA Hot-Wire

ASUS ROG X79 Motherboard: Rampage IV Extreme Features Talk About

Have you ever experience with graphics card voltage modification before? Well, if you do, you gonna love this feature. In the past, we used to solder variable resistor to graphics card in order to overclock further, even on watercooling it does scale pretty satisfiable . Ever since GTX 200 series generation, manufacturer starting to implement voltage controller on graphics card where by voltage can be controlled by software, it is pretty convenient and without voiding warranty. Nevertheless, physical vmod still necessary for extreme overclocking, eg prevent OCP kick in.

With VGA Hot-wire, a built-in variable resistor control through motherboard BIOS, voltage increment in offset basis.
On Rampage IV Extreme, it has 2 sets of VGA Hot-wire, 6pins header per set, and each set for single graphics card.

Each set consists of :-

  • Core voltage(vGPU)
  • Memory voltage(vMem)
  • PLL voltage(vPLL)

Voltage modification point(feedback or Vsense loop) goes to RED header while voltage measurement goes to BLACK header.


In order to avoid confusion during extreme overclocking session, ASUS bundled with labeling sticker.

To cater all graphics card, voltage increment are on offset basic.
– Do check voltage every time and adjust step by step
– Big jump in voltage when increase from +96 to +97.
– Core Voltage Boost are made available just in case, DO NOT ENABLE, unless +222 is not enough for you.
– Voltage measurement read up to 3.30v, which is pretty much adequate, not to mention we can hardly use up to 2.0v.

As I have mentioned it is control in offset basic, which mean, you can control up to 6 graphics card, assume core voltage vmodded only for each card, or 3 cards with both Core voltage and Memory voltage vmodded.

ASUS ROG X79 Motherboard: Rampage IV Extreme Features Talk About

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