Apacer’s PANTHER RAGE DDR4 RGB Memory Modules for a Glowing Interior

Powerful equipment is a must for ambitious gamers and modders. Now that Apacer has won over the professional gaming community, the manufacturer is bringing color to DRAM modules. Since the last release, the PANTHER RAGE DDR4 memory modules have evolved to bring not only RGB lighting, but also the new color gold. Apacer shows that it was worth the wait for the new equipment.

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By implementing a newly developed hardware architecture to improve the RGB controller, the performance of the PANTHER RAGE DDR4 RGB memory modules has been increased by 200%. In addition, the memory modules integrate seamlessly with the ASUS Aura Sync software, which is particularly popular with gamers. Users can choose different patterns based on their own preferences. And as if that was not enough: The memory modules support the latest chipsets from Intel and AMD.

The asymmetrical design of the PANTHER RAGE DDR4 memory modules with its golden color ensures a true play of colors. Highly transparent materials make the prismatic teeth of the memory modules look livelier. The older memory modules are very boring. By integrating with Aura Sync, users have full control over their lighting effects. Different patterns will be added in the future as well as the synchronization with other luminous hardware components. Users can easily customize existing patterns to their liking. In addition, Apacer has teamed up with ASUS TUF Gaming to develop a new edition that integrates Apacer’s PANTHER with the solid, durable and camouflaged power of TUF Gaming. It shows the irrepressible desire to succeed on the battlefield.

The PANTHER RAGE DDR4 RGB memory modules enable high clock rates with low latency. The memory modules can be clocked in the five stages 2400/2666/2800/3000 / 3200MHz. Users can automatically overclock the memory modules using Intel’s XMP 2.0 without modifying the BIOS parameters. Available in 8 and 16GB single module sizes, up to 128GB on an Intel motherboard can deliver incredible performance.

To ensure superior stability, Apacer relies on professional technologies for industrial DRAM, such as high-efficiency heatspreaders and high-quality ICs. These memory modules can run at low voltage, so as to reduce the heat. Due to the unbelievable potential for overclocking, the built-in heatspreader, stability as well as the price-performance ratio, the PANTHER RAGE DDR4 RGB memory modules are ready to take on any opponent and at the end to go out as a brilliant winner.

For more information on the Apacer PANTHER RAGE DDR4 RGB, visit the manufacturer’s official website: http://consumer.apacer.com/eng/content.php?sn=1475



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